Review: Punk Rock Paper Scissors

Written by Guest Contributor: David Ferguson When I read this, the main feeling I felt was nostalgia. Overwhelming feelings of joy, angst, passion and resentment to current affairs struck me like lightning. I could almost jump into the pit with my very vivid thoughts of the hardcore punk shows headlined in Punk Rock Paper Scissors.

The book is literally almost all pictures of posters. It’s a memory book of some of the greatest hardcore punk and alternative punk/metal shows to ever grace the existence of their genres and civilization. Everything from straight up punk to angry hardcore to extreme, in your face shows its colors in the book. The headlines of some of the shows you would never ever find in a million years now. It’s beautiful to see and think back on but leaves you very sad in the thoughts of the departures of many bands and ableness for shows alike the ones presented to your eyes.

The beauty of the book is that there is absolutely no chronological order to the flyers showcased. They are simply shown to us in the order that the scenes unfolded to the fans at the time. This is bliss for a fan because for someone who wasn’t around at the time of these bands rising, they can at least learn the roots and understand the history of shows and when the bands started to become popular.

An absolute killer for me is the flyer from the Minor Threat/ SS Decontrol show. It was a straight edge all ages show in Washington, DC; home to one of the most respected, famous hardcore punk scenes worldwide. Negative FX and Proletariat supported. An absolute wonder and a treat to punk fans all round. Minor Threat coined the term straight edge and so being able to attend one of their shows at the pinnacle of their musical career would have been one of the most memorable occasions of any fans lifetime. Straight edge started in Washington and nowhere else could ever do it just like them.

In spite of how nostalgic the book may be, I was still slightly disappointed when reading. I feel that more writing should have been added. Not just writing in general, but band members coming forward and saying their piece for the book. Not only would this have made it more interesting but it would develop a backbone to the book, give fans a better understanding of an older time and further elevate the picture being created of an incredible scene.

After looking at this, you will never feel the same about your local scene again. You will bear a deep pain for the loss of many bands and the fact your mother never had you a few eras ago. DIY has never looked so cool. These posters are the bomb and this book rocked. Viva La Punk!

Score: 4/5

Creator: Lee Loughridge Publisher: Image Comics Price: $29.99 Release Date: 11/12/14 Format: TPB; Print/Digital