Review: Punks The Comic #5

I could, in my effort to describe Punks the Comic say that it is a graphic rendering that has fallen completely off the rails.  But if I did that, I don’t think that this description really is that good of one because that would lead you the reader to assume that there were ever rails on Punks the Comic in the first place.  There are no rails for Punks the Comic to travel.  It doesn’t need rails, or rules, or anything even remotely associated with Story Making 101.  Punks the Comic just “is”.  Now that “is” might take the form of total anarchy, complete chaos, or even a little bit of bold bedlam.  But also represented in Punks the Comic is outrageous adventure, dirty indulgence, and pure fun. Punks the Comic might not be for everyone.  But I can guarantee you that it certainly is original and unique.  And if you read through all the fart jokes, in your face rudeness, and sheer mockery, then you might just enjoy this little gem of a title that is buried in its own muck. Just in case you haven’t been following Punks the Comic, here is a primer.  Punks the Comic follows the day to day struggle of four guys and their quest for life’s meaning.  Those four guys consist of always on edge Dog, rebellious, nut hitting, fireball breathing Skull, wise cracking Fist, and cool/collective Abraham Lincoln who is kind of the leader of the bunch.  Or at least it feels that way.  The guys get into all sorts of trouble, but always work things out in the end (kind of).  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon reading.

Punks-The-Comic-#5Punks the Comic are the inspired (and often disturbed) thought processes of creators Joshua Hale Fialkov who writes the stories and the funky cut and paste rippy bits art stylings of Kody Chamberlain who sees it perfectly fine to depict four guys with the heads of a dog, a skull, and a hand to be normal.  As for Abe, well he is the real Abe and is displayed complete, with some wardrobe enhancements to fit the image.  I told you that there are really no rails here. Inspired from an earlier version created in 2007 by these two.  This Punks the Comic revamp doesn’t really deviate from the original formula those many years ago.  The guys just have the backing of Image Comics now to bring about a masterful new vision of four guys trying to survive both from the world and each other. They have tear assed and nut punched through four issues since their reintroduction.

Up for Issue #5 of Punks the Comic, we have chocolate covered boobs on the boob tube that have apparently captivated the heart and soul of Dog (and maybe Abe too), eye touching, congressional hearings for said chocolate covered breasts, character anguish over print time, and manga mayhem.  Yes, that last one you heard right.  Within this issue of Punks the Comic, we get about half of the issue going from the back end to the middle and done in manga style, fresh with giant robots, lost loves, battling pool balls, and ultimately destruction and annihilation on an epic scale.  Did I mention that there are no rails here? And if that is not enough, you have some origami directions on making renderings of Dog and Skull.

The one big impression that I have with this issue is that like the previous four, I laugh.  I laugh a lot.  If Joshua Hale Fialkov’s hell hot wit writing style doesn’t get you, it is the crazy creations of Kody Chamberlain.  Half of the fun of the entire comic is just flowing through, looking at all the different things going on in the background, which is highly detailed.  Fialkov writes to where the guys interact with the reader and just about any other thing that they may encounter.  Space and time mean nothing.  We can at one minute be in an apartment using a magnifying glasses to view chocolate covered boobies from a neighbor’s TV to being teleported to congressional chambers for a hearing.  It is inspired insanity and hella good.

There really are not enough things that I can say about how much I do like Punks the Comic.  It is one of those odd little reads that pulls me in and entertains me well every time that I open it up.  It is a little bit rude and maybe even offensive at times (especially if you are a gnome), but all in all, this little train that never got on rails to begin with is definitely a little engine that could.

Score: 5/5

Punks The Comic #5 Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Artist: Kody Chamberlain Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital