Review: R.I.P.D. City of the Damned (TPB)

This comic really hits it home. I was surprised to see how little shoot’em up scenes there were in this comic. I expected a lot, but instead it was an action of dialogue and never disappointed me.  The volume decides to focus on Roy and what an awesome choice. I didn’t read the first volume, and I had no trouble jumping on board with this newest volume. I always enjoy just giving things a shot and not having to read it from the beginning. Roy was pretty much everything he’s cracked up to be. He was funny, but most of all he was a fearless man and now comes back to life as just a fearless officer of death. We met up with Roy and Nick. They have almost completed a mission when Roy asks Nick to let him take this one alone. This is when we flashback to Roy and his recruitment for R.I.P.D.  Officer Mather picks up Roy after his death and explains the situation. I love how Roy doesn’t even bat an eye about his death or this idea of monsters roaming the earth. All he wants is to sign up for the job. Roy and Mather are soon partners going on their first journey. This will consist of having to find where all the wandering monsters in Black Pool have gone. The divisions’ jobs have gotten way easier lately; too easy so Roy and Mather have to find out why. Mather is from Puritan times, so he speaks a lot about God and His path. Mather may seem like a boring character, but he is so dynamic and the reason I loved this volume so much.

RIPD Vol 2 CoverAnother character I enjoyed was Lucifuge. He is part of the boys’ mission but will soon be working with them. He is the keeper of hell’s occupants. The art for him is so cool because he is a wave of evil. Mather convinces Roy that they should trust Lucifuge’s judgment on where all the monsters have gone. Lucifuge tells the group that Sterling has escaped hell and may be the cause of the problem. Once they find Sterling, he takes it upon himself to get Mather to join his cause. He wants Mather to help with his plot against God and ultimately destroy him. Mather refuses but not before looking through this telescope sort of thing that Sterling has created. The image is not shown to us but gives Mather an inside look to God. Sterling explains that this image is what convinced him to take down the big guy.

If you started this series and haven’t ended it then you should. The ending was really entertaining and leaves me wondering about what Mather saw. What could sight bring that would change a man forever? This comic goes to the roots of Roy and finally brings it back to the present with him and Nick. It is interesting to see how everything unfolds and connects the past with the present.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jeremy Barlow Artist: Tony Parker Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $14.99 Release Date: 5/15/13