Review: Radio Free Gahanna #3

This issue kicks off in a total Mad Man fashion as the entire previous issue is shrunken down and laid out on the interior cover with the recap of what happened in the last issue accompanying it. Awesome much? Yes it is. No two issues in this series have been the same and that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment for any comic, let alone an indie one. The creators attempt something new, either visually or within in the layout of the story to ensure that it will be fresh and different each time.

The actual issue kicks off with Sam talking to a friend and viewing her pictures of Europe. From there the story begins to show Sam and her sister Mallory’s lives in parallel as they head to work, this continues after a brief stint with Syd and his friend in which he discusses hanging out with Sam. The story then follows Mallory as she heads to a typical high school party with alcohol and music. Meanwhile, Sam and Syd have taken to recording bootleg episodes of the Adventures of Coco Fiasco (an awesome Meta reference). The two girl’s night ends with both of them having fun, be it of a different variety.

I tend to read into this series a lot and I might get some if right and other parts wrong, but it’s my interpretation of the issue. For me, I found that while the story was showing two people spending their nights very differently, it was actually showing the difference between youth and maturity. While one relationship it was full of passion and burnt up quickly, while the other is slower moving and quickly populating with experiences and memories that only comes with maturity. Not that one relationship is better than the other, just different.

The writing continues to be strong, but I found the third act of the comic to fall a bit flat as it only served to build the relationship between the two sisters. We’re still getting to know Syd as a character and I feel like he was absent a lot in this issue. Otherwise, color me impressed in terms of structure and creativeness to the writing.

There are not a lot of changes to the art, but I did thumb through the first issue again and it was a tighter issue. Mallory’s face is a too exaggerated compared to the other characters and while I know that’s the style, it made her stand out too much at times. Sam and Syd on the other hand looked fantastic and well-crafted as usual.

I may have a few nit-picks for this issue, but it’s only because I enjoyed the first two issues so damn much. This is definitely one of my favorite indie books being published and I continue to relate not only to aspects of the story, but also the creators commentary at the end of the issue. If you’re not reading this book then you definitely need to check it out and I would encourage getting all three issues since they’re more than worth it. For what it’s worth, I think that Radio Free Gahanna is the indie comic to beat this year.

Score: 4/5

Writer: James Moore

Artist: Joel Jackson

Publisher: 2 Headed Monster Comics

Price: $2.99



Rainbow and Seed – Mini Comic

This mini-comic that comes with issue three of Radio Free Gahanna is crazy! It’s short and funny and it’s about an Emo Leprechaun that’s on the lamb and two cops that need to stop him. The cops… a rainbow and a seed. It’s short and sweet, but it made me laugh mostly due to the Evil Emo Leprechaun and the swearing. Swearing wins everytime.

Writer/Artist/Creator: Melissa Jackson