Review: Red Lanterns #5

I’ve wanted to read this series since it was announced, but had to wait till the New 52 were released. What peaked my interest was it was a comic based on another set of rings other than the green that wasn’t going to be a mini-series but ongoing. Who wouldn’t want to read about rage any way which is behind all heroes in some way, but now it’s in the forefront. Let’s dive right in. Atrocitus just found out Krona had disappeared and he is going to find out who took him. His first guess is Bleez but she didn’t. She is put on the task to round-up the other from the blood ocean. This is where we get our introduction to the Red Lantern Corp; Ratchet, Skallox, and Zilius and one more. A lot of the story is how each one received their rings. The final lantern comes from earth. They are out for retribution being the judge, jury, and executioner.

red-lanterns-5-coverTo be honest this is probably the fastest issue of the series thus far as the others were much slower. The story has jumped around a lot getting everything established with why all the characters want retribution with their back ground stories. The art in the book is really focused on the character detail which can draw away from the back ground and colors. What little colors there are, since is it mainly red and shades of red.

I wish I had more to tell but there isn’t it took five issues to set up background stories. Which can be interesting on their own, but it just wasn’t always easy to follow. I wish I could say this will bring you back to the Red Lanterns if you left but it won’t. This issue just sums up previous issues and maybe now we can finally get to a real story of interest.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Ed Benes Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/4/12