Review: Rednecks vs Hipsters

When I think of two strong stereotypes in today’s society Hipsters and Rednecks stand out for sure. Then when you see a comic that was created off of that idea, you need to read it. I mean honestly think of two better stereotypes to write about... you can’t. This all brings me to Hipsters Vs Rednecks: theoretically the gosh darndest best duo of all! (that isn’t the subtitle but it should be). If you don’t absolutely love this comic, you are a fool. The apocalypse is happening and what two idiots are left but a group of rednecks and a group of hipsters. Rednecks need to eat, so they turn to the hipsters and hipsters must not engage in anything, so the battle begins.

There is Pete, a total hipster who doesn’t even understand, and then there's Sloane. She stumbles in with the hipsters because what other group is there to join; the rednecks will eat her. She isn’t like Pete and without her, the hipsters wouldn’t move the plot much. Sloane is allowing for choices to be made and decisions to be had while the rest listen to music and admire their beards.

HvR_CoverThe rednecks don’t really have a main character. I like that we only follow one group. First because the hipsters are hilarious and secondly, I don’t really want to watch first cousins procreate. So that brings me to the star of this comic; the author. Wes Locher delivers awesome fucking jokes. Seriously. Nothing is forced, it flows well within the story. Salinger, the hipster leader, is by far the best. He isn’t open to reason and usually focuses on latte and not giving a shit. Each character has some unique quality that makes them stand out and Salinger’s is wearing a cape while always speaking in high vocabulary. It’s fantastic.

For the rednecks, Locher gives them a stupidity that is unmatched. But the mud scene is priceless… just wait for the mud scene. I never thought the bantering from hipster to redneck could be delightful, but somehow Locher has captured those perfect moments.

Then you’ve got Tyler Kelting on art. Again every character stands out yet is distinguishable right away. The hipsters have beards (by the way, it is the only way you can tell male from female), dark colors, many layers, and make a lot of “I don’t get involved with things like that faces.” The rednecks are fat, greasy, can’t seem to close their mouths even though they only three teeth, and carry guns all the time.  The visuals alone make me laugh.

If you want a boring ass comic that dives deep into a thematic purpose that delivers with every suspenseful action, get right to it. Me, I’d rather stick to a comic that is fun as shit and dives into a deep pile of awesomeness and delivers swag on each turn of the page.

Score: 4/5

Hipsters vs Rednecks Writer: Wes Locher Artist: Tyler Kelting Price: $3.99 (P), $1.99 (D) Release Date: 9/16/15 Format: One-Shot; Print/Digital Website