Review: Regular Show #9

Another quirky tale by KC Green featuring the antics of Rigby and Mordecai graces our comic book store shelves this week with Regular Show number nine. These two dudes never cease to entertain me with their juvenile banters and I’m really excited to see our joyful Pops in this issue. Pops is actually one of my favorite characters in the series; he’s just so strange but pleasantly naïve.  Even just one awkward line of dialogue from Pops makes the issue worth a “buy.” Maybe, there will be a spinoff series about Pops in his younger days or him campaigning for president of the world in the making; hint hint, Green. RegularShow_09_rev_Page_04

Last month we saw Rigby and Mordecai lose their cool over a selfie in a one-shot issue, so in issue nine we start to see a new adventure unfold. Our favorite hilarious duo are getting ready for a garage sell to bring in some funds for the park as ordered by the hot tempered Benson. Rigby just isn’t having it; he can’t part ways with all the rad junk in his closet, so he is sent to the basement to retrieve a rake. Predictable Rigby can never do anything without wreaking havoc on the park. He releases some kind of dark magic by opening what looks like to be a stale can of Pringles. We are on to you Julius Pringles.

As always Kaboom gives the people what they want. Allison Strejlau’s illustrations just capture the multi-dimensional Rigby. The look of awe in Rigby’s face just adds to the hilarity. Don’t mind me I’ll just be slow clapping in the distance with this scene of Rigby. Kudos, Strejlau.

Regular Show #9 Pic

Another little benefit in this issue is the featured creator, Jake Wyatt, who writes a comical and pretty accurate Rigby and Mordecai getting a little too power hungry with a twenty sided die. Wyatt’s take on the two was definitely a nice way to end the issue. I hope to see more of you, Wyatt.

Score: 5/5

Writer: KC Green Artist: Allison Strejlau Publisher: Kaboom/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release date: 2/5/14