Review: Revelations #5

Revelations opens in this sad beautiful way, I knew this issue had to be golden. Our story is coming to a close, but man it is building up into one awesome mini-series. I really do love this comic with all my heart. It’s like that ice cream you get and with each lick you realize your special treat is disappearing fast, but you have got to get to the bottom of that cone for the best bite. Todger left us last issue and you knew this would bring some emotion out from Charlie. Not that he does the best job of hiding it, but still this dude never opens up. He one of those dive into work types. Anyway, Charlie not only opens up, but shows us everything. He has got some demons of his own that he is dealing with. But the best part was by far that opening. Man, it was so cool having the cigarette light, the birds fly by, and then a moment of desperation. Actually, the whole issue deals with these moments. We get taught a lot about the moments in life and how they affect us. Humberto Ramos does a perfect job of creating these moments with every page too. (Even the throw-up scenes.) Although Charlie narrates the events, Ramos puts it in perspective.

Revelations_05_coverYou have got to give it up to Paul Jenkins too though. His writing takes you through these raw places. I love when a comic can come together from beginning to end. I want the comic on repeat, and honestly think Revelations should be like the next big TV show. Everyone loves scandals, and everyone loves that crude attitude that Charlie posses.

In this issue. Charlie is being pushed away from the case more and more. He only has a day left to figure it all out, but with any mystery, there will be huge costs in store for him. The Vatican is under some tough scrutiny, and of course Toscianni is right in front of it all. The Church is now holding a meeting. Something big is going to happen. Toscianni is about to get everything he wants, and I am so nervous to see what all that is.

As I said, this issue had to be good, but damn with the beginning being so sad, I thought some hope was out there for Charlie. His personal life just keeps getting crossed with his work life. And what is up with Marcel? This guy seems to be nowhere. Shouldn’t he be watching his bro’s back or at least trying. For some reason, I don’t trust him. Or I at least need a reason to trust him. I can’t even imagine where this comic is going to take us in the finale. It will for sure be a good moment.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Paul Jenkins Artist: Humberto Ramos Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/7/14