Review: Revenge #1

The acting lifespan of an action hero is short and usually filled with burned bridges because of the choices they make to stay on top. But every once in a while they catch a break and become big again. We find an unusual tale here where life and screen life start to blend. 70s action hero The Revenger is back. Griffin Franks has rejuvenated his career by resurrecting his character from the 70s. The problem is he’s instantly replaced for the sequel. His current ex-porn star wife convinces Griffin that he needs to look younger and so she convinces him to go to Mexico for a controversial surgery that can take 15 years off his looks. It involves removing his face and replacing it with skin of a donor.

The problem for Griffin is that he’s feeling every from the surgery because his wife wants him to feel every bit of pain so she can get her revenge. She wants revenge because Griffin, in his heyday destroyed her family. Her dad left because of an affair her mom was having with Griffin, then later she killed herself.  Her plan is to take everything from Griffin like he did to her.

Revenge01-CoverThis is a decent story with potential, but I feel I just read half of Face Off with the twist of the old action heroes trying to relive their glory. The potential comes from Griffin’s character as real life and screen life begin to blend.

The downfall is that it feels like its pieced together from many stories and where it could actually be going. I couldn’t tell the actual age of Griffin is he 50, 60 or 70, it doesn’t matter with abs like that. The art is very detailed and earned it mature rating. The background of the blood splatter was great and the use of film strips to separate life from the movie was a good idea. The detail in the muscle under the skin looks great too.

This really is a take it or leave it issue; if you have the money and want to pick up an action title go ahead. This has potential and that is the only reason I will check out issue two.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Johnathan Ross Artist: Ian Churchill Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 2/26/14