Review: RoboCop – Last Stand #3

Have to say I'm surprised I bothered to come back to this series that represents for me lowest of the low  in licensed comics on the shelf right now, but a review needed doing so here I am. In this issue the Japanese Otomo robot is unleashed, Faxx is fired and then...isn't, and Robocop does some seemingly plotless action business. Not an enormous amount to say except it surprisingly improved in miniscule fashion since the last issue. Korkut Oztekin's artwork actually looks okay in a couple of places; the dense action sequences letting him do some decently dynamic poses and effects. The human parts are still hideously ugly, with Halloween mask expressions ironed on everyone's mug, but fortunately there isn't too much to have to tolerate.

Robocop_03_preview_Page_1On the writing front I have no idea what anyone was doing, why they were doing it, and a major plot-driving character was completely absent; no new blips on the heartbeat monitor here. As a minor side-note that I hadn't mentioned in the previous review, are we as readers not tired yet of Frank Miller's casually-written misogynistic characters? It's not the fault of anyone here, since the character was written by Miller back in the 90's, but the choice to remake the 'Robocop 3' script means resurrecting the villain Faxx to the comic shelf, an educated female nemesis with Marianas Trench cleavage who whines, connives, and alludes sexual favors to keep her job. As I mentioned in the review of Issue Two, I'm a fan of Avatar's 'Frank Miller's Robocop' in which she was also the antagonist, no more progressive really than she is here, but without the overall quality of that book there's nothing to distract away from the embarrassing sexist stereotype she is. We could easily blame it on the 90's, which were knee-deep in these characters, but it's the choice to remake the comic now that is the questionable decision.

Verdict? A loveless book gets a notch less ugly but remains disastrously written and not worth even flipping through in the comic shop. You'd have a better time just re-watching the infamously terrible 'Robocop 3' movie. When you remake a notorious failure and somehow come out worse, that's when you know you've really fucked up.

Score: 1/5

Story: Frank Miller Writer: Steven Grant Artist: Korkut Oztekin Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/2/13