Review: Robocop - Last Stand #7

This story is almost over. We have reached Issue #7 of an 8 issue arc. The biggest thing noticeable in this particular issue that follows the original movie script for Robocop 3 written by Frank Miller that I see? Where is the dialogue? I don't think there is a total of about maybe four or five lines in this whole issue. It is all art, action, blood, guts, explosions, and whirring machinery thrown together in an orgy of hyper violence. The standard fable of this Robocop tale goes that Frank Miller's original script was so edited by the producers of the movie that Miller gave up on doing anything for Hollywood for a while.  Boom Studios felt this to be wrong and they decided to give Frank his due and take that original Robocop 3 script a second go as a comic giving Steven Grant the task to adapt Miller’s work with Korkut Oztekin on the art.  They did it and it is presented here. All I can say is that it is a brutal in its presentation, as the story is brutal.

Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_1Steven Grant and his writing doesn't get too showcased here.  I am assuming most of his adaptation in this issue was involved with direction to Oztekin in how to set all the action. Though not many words are said, the action is aplenty and a whole lot does go on as things here are beginning to reach their conclusion both with Robocop, OCP, and the other cyborgy creations out to take care of Murphy once and for all. If this was what Grant did, then he did it right as the reader does understand what is happening in between all of the explosions and severed body parts.

Oztekin's art steals the whole comic again as he continues to draw with rawness and grit that would make any fan of the franchise happy with the results. He takes care of his business.

My only real knock is the story itself. Robocop 3, edited or not, simply wasn't one of Frank Miller's best works. Charles Dickens could have taken this script and even his adaptation would still be mediocre at best. I think Grant and Oztekin are doing what they can, but those efforts can't really salvage a bad idea in the first place. I am sincerely hoping that the one shots aimed for the upcoming movie can recapture some of the good things of Robocop that is missing with this retelling.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Steven Grant Artist: Korkut Oztekin Publisher: Boom Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 02/05/14