Review: Robocop: Roadtrip #1

This is a new series from Dynamite about Robocop. Where else can I begin with this book, I just picked it up on whim and now I'm wondering why. It’s not all bad but I'm not too sure it was worth what I paid. I also picked it up because the other Robocop series was highly rated (Not the Terminator one). We start out with Robocop about to enter a fight and bust some heads when out comes a gold Robocop. A battle of two Robocops? Awesome! Even better when Murphy punches the head off the gold one. The other Robocop was powered by the owner of O.C.P from remote location as we find out. He wants Robocop’s body so he can live longer. The mission for Robocop is looking for communication to the outside world that isn’t dominated by O.C.P. As Robocop heads back to the refugee base we find out his secret.

The story has substance to it and can be good looking into it but as a reader you feel lost. That and also impart that the art doesn’t distinguished well between living and non living. The book is a decent read but I had a problem with how it was portrayed. Maybe you aren’t suppose to know the difference between living and non living to get Robobcop's perspective but it make it hard to follow in the lay out. But who won’t want a Gold Robocop though.


Score: 1/5

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99