Review: Robotech/Voltron #2

Two stories unfold in this comic.  One is the tale of a preteen Prince Lotor sent on a diplomatic mission to the Castle of Lions where an equally juvenile Princess Allura and younger Coran welcome the dignitaries from the Drool empire.  The second story deals with Roy Fokker, a young pilot who reminisces over the loss of his father and family friend (Rick Hunter’s dad).  Young Fokker comes across a secret artifact that appeared in the same fashion as the alien Super Defense Fortress on Macross Island: the Black Voltron Lion.  A comet-looking astronomical phenomenon emerges in both stories, acting  as the tie-in between the two worlds. Do not expect to see a Veritech standing point while the five Lions form Voltron to battle robeasts.  This issue builds the story that will eventually (and hopefully) develop to that moment.  I will be lenient in making an assessment because I wanted to see that type of mecha action weaved in now.  I know, though, that a story must be told, and constructing the proper elements will take time.

RoboVolt02-Cov-YuneThere are some interesting action beats that will make knowledgeable fans turn a smile.  For instance, audiences will see the small-scale version of the Blazing Sword.  And there’s an revealing flashback explaining why Fokker and Hunter will eventually be friends.

Granted, the set-up progresses at a good pace and incorporates some well-known elements of both franchises.  However, since the two stories have not yet crossed over in this comic cross over, I am getting a little hesitant.  With no ‘gee-whiz’ factor to appease my fanboy desires, I am considering things like, “Does this cross over really need to be?”  Or, “Will I get a sufficient story from Dynamite, a company who is notorious for making the worst possible adaptation of Voltron that could be?”

Only time will answer those questions.  For now, the comic sufficiently piqued my curiosity and has me interested to see how this all will pan out.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Tommy Yune with Bill Spangler Artist: Elmer Damaso Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/26/14