Review: Robyn Hood #1

Pat Shand and Larry Watts must be living the good life, especially after Robyn Hood got pick up for an ongoing series. I have pretty much been with this comic from the start, so I was excited that there would be a continuous story surrounding this vigilante and her new and improved sidekick Marian. If you haven’t jumped on this comic, this is your new starting point. I won’t ruin the back issues for you, but let’s start with a quick rundown of Robyn’s life. Robyn you could say lives in two worlds; Earth and Myst. She protects both, but in Nottingham she is a bit of a celebrity. On Earth, everyone couldn’t care less about her. She has traveled between both worlds, but her home is New York. So with Marian, a witch from Myst, on her side, Robyn looks to rid the world of evil-doers. And that is pretty much it. I would check out the back issues once you get into this ongoing.

RH_Ongoing_01_coverAThe two girls have started an ad that pretty much describes a P.I. company that will take on unusual dealings. Clearly these dealings have to do with Myst or the other worlds crossing over into Earth. So Myst is not gone forever but comes back in a new form...which I love by the way. It allows for all this creepy shit to happen but in a world that the reader understands. The company is growing but only Marian and Robyn run the place. A client comes along named Sam, and she is worried that her friend June is not only be stalked everyday, but given some pretty crazy drugs. Sam doesn't know the full story, but Marian recognizes the drug’s effects right away.

Robyn and Marian, through some unwilling sources, learn of their new villain. He is simply known as The Priest. The source is nervous for Robyn to take on The Priest because he is so powerful. Robyn shakes this comment off because well honestly she is a badass. Plus Robyn doesn’t get nervous until she knows who or what she is fighting and if they can harm her friends. But first things first, she has to see The Priest.

There isn’t particularly a lot of action in this issue, but I thought it was a great first issue. It allowed time for background knowledge to be shown, characters to develop, and a clear good vs. evil plot to take shape. I am excited to see how these first couple of issues roll out and the dynamic of character relationships. Marian has always been my favorite, so I am hoping she can take some lead on a couple of issues. Also, I hope we dive into Robyn and Marian’s personal lives a little more. There is so much to do with these characters, so it should be a fun ride.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/20/14