Review: Robyn Hood #11

Robyn and Marian need a break. I feel like this comic has been none stop plot progression and action. Even when there isn’t physical action, the dialogue is still filled with emotions, so it was time to slow down. Seriously these girls need to take some down time, but with the Cabal, Peter being kidnapped, Marian’s magic being off and on, and a whole lotta other stuff, Robyn just can’t seem to relax. But what is the best solution to any problem; going to comic con. The girls’ next case revolves around a hammer and the curse this hammer has on anyone that touches it. So like any logical person, the owner sells the hammer on eBay that eventually ends up at comic con with a high price tag. Now Robyn and Marian have an excuse to go to the con and also to blow off some steam. To me, the whole issue felt like a giant inhale and exhale for the couple. There is a lot for these girls to do and to rush into the Cabal or trying to save Peter is going to end poorly. Instead some time is needed to rest and prepare. Not to mention these ladies need to pay rent. Man being a hero is rough work.

Robyn-Hood-#11-1So even though the girls are trying to find this hammer for their client, things get interesting when some new players enter the picture. Surprise, they want the hammer as well. A group of wolf creatures are under the hammer’s curse as well. Their master needs the hammer and knows of whereabouts. Nothing can be easy for Robyn but then again these wolf creatures add some awesome action scenes at the con so I am not complaining.

Not much builds up plot-wise in this issue. Not only is it a break for the girls but it also a break for the readers. Sometimes you just need an issue where it is pure fun and we totally get that with this issue. It involves Marian as Adventure Girl so yeah you better just read this issue! I will say we learn a little more about Peter though. Not sure where his story is going because he is kidnapped but then gets a happy surprise so maybe this is the Cabal playing mind tricks or maybe Peter will have to choose between good and evil.

I love when a story can add something fun, like a comic con, and not make the comic corny. It totally fits the story and the characters. I comment Pat Shand for adding these fun elements to a relatively serious storyline.

But now it is time to get down to busy. The Cabal must be dealt with. I hope Robyn can get some back up from her friends. One because I love them and two because Robyn is going to need to them. Even the wolves in this issue fear the Cabal. Something bigger is taking over and we have no idea where it is headed.

Score: 3/5

Robyn Hood #11 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Roberta Ingranata Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/27/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital