Review: Robyn Hood #12

We take a small break from the Cabal, and honestly I think we needed it. The Cabal have consumed a lot of Robyn’s time. Even the smaller stories lead to Cabal and without knowing much about them still, readers needed some change. And we got it, in a great way might I add. Rotter is at Robyn and Marian’s apartment. Since he saved these girls and has proven to be helpful, he feels like it is time for them to repay him. Which is probably fair since Rotter tends to grow on you. When I first got introduced to him, it seemed like he was playing both sides. His motives were unclear and Robyn has enough unclear people in her life. But then he saved the girls once, and then he saved them again. So it became clear that this dude had a small change of heart, although I doubt he would put it like that. Pat Shand created another dynamic character. It amazes me how we get introduced to someone like Rotter and the reader’s viewpoint completely switches from issue to issue with him. You really just can’t give up on these mysterious people.

Robyn-Hood-#12-1Anyway, Rotter has a long history that he would rather keep secret. This is probably because of his appearance. He wants you believe that he is an asshole. I think to him; it makes himself seem less human. And honestly it works for much of the time we see him. Then Shand introduces this issue in a new way. As a reader, you immediately start to feel sympathetic towards Rotter without knowing his story.

Now Robyn and Marian, after getting some of his story out, search to find a cure for Rotter. I find the whole setup of this issue brilliant. First the relationship between these three is hilarious. You have Robyn with her bull heart, Rotter with punk ass attitude, and Marian with her kind heart all trying to solve a problem. Needless to say, we see more of these three working together.

On art, we still have Roberta Ingranata, and I can’t praise her enough. She has done an incredible job taking on the art in this series. I think my favorite part of this issue is in every scene with Rotter there is a cat in the panel as well. Whether it be playing, purring, or asleep, it is so cute to see Rotter interact with them! But besides for my obsession with cats, I love the vibrancy that Ingranata brings. The characters feel alive and she has a much cutesier aspect with the characters. Especially with Rotter’s black and white flashbacks. Everything comes across exactly how you picture it with Rotter’s narration.

This is just another great issue from Robyn Hood. Although we didn’t progress with much with the main plot, it was so nice to see some characterization being built-in and to see a more sensitive side with Rotter.

Score: 4/5

Robyn Hood #12 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Roberta Ingranata Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital