Review: Robyn Hood #13

You would think it would be impossible for a comic to have such good guest stars, but actually it is quite possible. And let’s not forget how freaking awesome they look with the help of Roberta Ingranata. Every character looks better with her work. Robyn Hood’s guests are never boring and with Liesel Van Helsing coming in for a couple of issues, makes this comic even more appealing. Last issue, we spent some time getting to know Rotter. I enjoyed the slow down nature of this issue, and honestly loved learning his backstory. Pat Shand stopped the overall story, but still gave us a compelling story that will no doubt pay off in the end. Clearly Rotter will be working with the girls, so to understand his motives makes it all the more worth it. But from there, we needed to move on... and what better way to move on from a sapping love story but to vampires.

We sort of skip over the Cabal again, which honestly I am ok with. 1. I don’t really understand their motives yet, so I would love more time to get to know them. And 2. It is a whole lot of fun to see the tiny fights building in this anticipation. So in #13, some dude is posting crazy pictures online, and it is pretty obvious that whoever is posting these pictures wants attention from Robyn. She gives it to them, because we know Robyn usually doesn’t think before taking on a job. But with the absence of Marian, Robyn goes alone. I find it so cute that whenever Robyn is on a job alone all she thinks about is “What would Marian do?” Too bad Marian is busy with Sam, but still these little gestures pull on my strings a bit. Anyway, Robyn realizes she is in over her head and with Helsing being so close, why not bring in backup.

Robyn-Hood-#13Again, I just love the line up in this comic. From Brittany to Rotter to Helsing. The special guests never stop. And even though I love Brittany, Helsing has got to be your favorite. She is like Robyn in so many ways. They don’t bounce off of each other but instead feed off of the recklessness and somehow manage to take control. It is great and I find that Robyn spends less time in her head because she can say things like “let’s beat the crap out of them” without being judged by Marian. It is priceless.

So while Robyn is fighting some vampires, getting caught, and flirting with the cops, Marian’s night with Sam is all a lie. Well sort of. Marian having her powers taken by the Cabal is really hurting her. She needs her powers, plus let’s be honest, they help... a lot. So she enlisted Sam, Rotter, and a not-so-willing participant to get them back. I can’t decide if Robyn will be pissed for being lied too, but more importantly I can’t decide if Marian is over her head in this affair. But I am thinking that she is.

So now with both girls in trouble and others being involved, it is hard to see all this will all be resolved. But one thing's for sure, I will be reading to find out.

Score: 4/5

Robyn Hood #13 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Roberta Ingranata Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/5/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital