Review: Robyn Hood #15

I love where Pat Shand takes us. We go to Myst, roller derby, vampire lairs, cult hideouts, and so on. Every place we go seems to get more and more fun, so it is only natural to hit up a demon rock star named Katie Graves right?! Right! Again, Shand can take us anywhere because of this magical element and because it takes place in New York City. So it is a win, win. Robyn-Hood-#15As far as the story goes this week. this issue had a pretty straight forward case for Robyn and Marian. Guitarist for a band, Cornell, realized that Katie was acting crazy, so he went to Robyn and Marian for help. Of course these two are obsessed with this band, so it is pretty funny seeing Marian blush over them while Robyn tries to keep her cool. I also just love when they take on new cases. Shand does let Robyn and Marian go after the evil, instead it comes to them. This plays out nicely for the plot. Plus, everything usually intertwines with some bigger story. hint, hint. And that makes for good progression of each story.

So once we get past the story, we really dive into the art of this issue. And I did notice some changes in the art. Manuel Preitano takes over and he has a more intense style. Actions are done with crisp lines and lots of gore. Not exactly my cup of tea, but if you have been getting sick of the non-violent aspect of Robyn Hood, I think Preitano does a good job of really bringing the demon musician home. It creeps me out, but still has the Robyn style to it. Honestly anything involving parasites just isn’t right, so Preitano does a good job of drawing this but still letting the story take focus.  

The other story that takes focus is Robyn. Of course she is always the star, but it seems that the issue is foreshadowing some pretty unusual things for her. I honestly don’t know how this change her, or what her psychiatrist will find out, but that is the intrigue of Robyn.

All in all, I missed Roberta Ingranata’s art. He captures everything that Robyn Hood comic should be. The story, like always though, was spot on. I loved the rock star demon while still giving us jokes from Robyn and Marian. We learned some about Robyn’s character. She is changing, and I dig it. Plus, what is a comic where the main character doesn’t grow; not a very good one.

Score: 3/5

Robyn Hood #15 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Manuel Preitano Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/14/2015 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital