Review: Robyn Hood #4

Hell yes! The day I picked up my first Robyn Hood was a crossover event with Red Riding Hood. And I distinctly remember telling readers that 1. Robyn is the star of this event and 2. I couldn’t wait for them to meet again, because it would be even better. That day has arrived. When I saw the cover for Robyn Hood, I knew I recognized that girl in red. The cover has this hell yes factor to it, and so does the story. RH_Ongoing_04_cover-A 11.26.14Upon opening the door, Marian sees Red. First she says hello and then asks for help to stop a mass murder. That’s why these two make a great pair! They get each other. We don’t jump through hoops or catch up. It is all about the work they do. Robyn and Red get that. We jumped right into the dirty details. This group of monsters is planning an attack on New York. Red got real close to the leader, Ivory, but was caught. Ivory, looking like a pretty tough chick, knew Red and even had fought her before. Red, escaping with her life, needs to put an end to this group but she clearly needs help. The panels when Robyn and Marian suit up is so sweet that I wish we could have put more in. Each panel shows a different piece of equipment getting set for their night on the town. A strap here, a jacket there, and don’t forget the bow. Man, I am just loving this issue!

Ok so the team breaks up to be more effective. Red and Robyn stay together because they are taking the big hit of this battle. Of course they have some down time riding the subway. It is funny seeing such fast paced planning and then a moment of real life. And finally somebody asks Robyn is her and Marian are an item. The comic has been flirting with the idea leaving little hints for us to pick up. Robyn just nervously shakes it off. So I think that we could see the two end up together soon... I hope. Or Marian will quickly move on to one of her derby girls.

After small talk, we jump right into the night with Ivory, monsters, Red, and Robyn all battling it out. It doesn’t end how I guessed, but the good news is we will see Red again! Needless to say, I want more of these events. This issue gave me everything that Robyn can be; a cool strong woman fighting for good with other cool strong women. So check out the issue and stay around for #5, it will be worth it.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Tony Brescini Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/26/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital