Review: Robyn Hood #9

Definitely surprised with this week’s cover for sure. I did not expect such a dark cover. Actually this may be the first cover, or one the first, where Robyn wasn’t featured in some archer pose. With all the humor that Robyn’s narration brings, this comic is pretty dark. There is a lots of magic and lots of creepy underworlds. Plus with the new setting of New York City, it is easier to get the scary tones across instead of in a cottage surrounded by beautiful woods. Plus The Cabal is freaky. Their masks are terrifying and not exactly knowing their plan or role or what they want or why they need Robyn or anything about these weirdos makes them all the more dark and mysterious. I guess that is where we start with Robyn Hood #9. Robyn is trying to find anything she can about this Cabal group. Mind you she is doing this all on her own too. Well at least for now she is. I understand that she is giving Marian time to adjust still and Marian is worried about her own shit, but once again Robyn is pushing away the people closest to her. Pat Shand does a great job of subtly playing this into the storyline. Before it was so obvious, but now just because Robyn is seeing a doctor doesn’t mean she has fixed everything. I could be wrong, but honestly I don’t want to be. Shand has built Robyn into this relatable character that anyone can understand pushing people away. It is now Marian’s turn, so Robyn is getting consumed with her work.

Robyn-Hood-#9What do you guys think this Cabal is? I have a few guesses, but clearly they are monstrous people trying to take over something I am sure. But what I am most wondering about is how they have power. Avella was possessed by this group, so do they have some connection with Myst? Are they all witches too? Or do they just have something that contains powers? See we are just as lost as Robyn. Every time we see The Cabal, they are just sitting around talking of wearing those damn masks. We haven’t even seen them in action, so we have no idea what they are capable of. That is why I love this storyline from Shand. It has been the most difficult to solve and also has been the most fun to watch unfold.

And as always I need to mention how this storyline is backed up by my favorite artist on Robyn Hood to date; Roberta Ingranata. Her work is just awesome. She has a real fluid style. Plus I can appreciate the time she spends on each action sequence. She doesn’t show a lot of background which can sometimes drown a reader. But she focuses on the main people and goes from there. And obviously, loved the moment when Robyn and Marian are about to kick some ass as they walk down their hallway all suited up. Love Robyn’s new gear and outfit. Marian’s is just as badass too. The blue and black fit her and almost looks a little Blade inspired.

Now that the ladies are going Avella, it is time for everything to break wide open. The ending of this comic is the best. It leaves a lot to be done next issue, but mostly I think Robyn will finally come face to face with her fears. Her fears with Marian and her fears of The Cabal. And with that second half, it is looking like she will need all the help she can get.

Score: 4/5

Robyn Hood #9 Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Roberta Ingranata Colorist: Slamet Mujiono Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/1/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital