Review: Robyn Hood – Legend #1

Whew, Zenescope comes out strong with the next installment of Robyn Hood. The last one-shot set such a good path for Robyn that I was concerned going into the next bite we would lose that same spirit from our one-shot. But I was presently surprised with how badass this series has become. I think why I like the series so much is all the magic that plays with it. We get two different worlds. One on Earth and one in Nottingham. You never know where you will be or when you will return. It makes the setting questionable, which I have only had happen a handful of times. Legend sets up a lot for the reader in issues to come. I don’t mind set ups, because it is necessary to transfer the plot. Pat Shand does a great job of giving us as little as information possible but still making the audience want more without all the disappointment. Robyn gets quite a few surprises that are sure to be life changing. She even tells us through her narration how the events may change a lot with this next story. I really do love how much she narrates the plot. Robyn, like any girl, thinks a lot. She always has ten to a hundred stresses on her mind. It is fun to see her bounce from one to next. Once you get used to her ranting all the time, it makes sense that Shand would have her character do this. Robyn’s surprises are huge though. I never saw it coming. I don’t want to reveal everything, but I will give you a taste. Robyn must work with her enemy now in order to save Nottingham.

RH_Legend_01_coverAWe know Cal isn’t dead, and decides upon ruling Nottingham with an iron fist. No one will get in his way, so it is up to an unlikely group to take him down. Like I said, we don’t get to the nitty-gritty stuff until next issue, but while we wait the information given is enough to take in. I like Cal being our evil doer. Although I don’t think I understand the full story behind him, like how he connects to Myst other than he knows Robyn, but he is evil. I do like how he was from the present and having him be a predator towards Robyn made him this modern evil.

Robyn now is faced with a choice of working her another evil man, Gisbourne. This dude is bad, but after some long explaining, it is really Robyn’s only hope in order to save her land. I have a feeling that Nottingham will become her land. I am not saying Robyn is the princess type, but that she will some day stay in Nottingham in order to protect it forever. Robyn Hood: Legend offers a good calm before the storm, so check it out if you are becoming a fan.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14