Review: Robyn Hood: Legend #2

Yeah tons of shit happened last issue that I didn’t want to ruin. Will is alive. That was the big thing. I sort of liked that he died, because it gave Robyn a reason to keep fighting, and also gave her some emotion that she has been lacking. Bringing him back was weird at first, but I am totally on board after these two issues. The other big reveal is that Gisbourne is now part of the good guys. I don’t trust him one bit, and I doubt Robyn does either. It is suspicious of him joining the team, but I have a heart for villains turning into assets when needed. I was exciting to see the setting change places once again. Earth is always so boring. Plus I loved how Robyn had a moment of realizing she had finally picked to leave Earth and wasn’t pulled out of it. I think Robyn will end up staying here eventually. She fits in better... not that Robyn is the fitting in type.

My favorite addition is the team element they have going on; Marian, Gisbourne, Avella, Much, Will, and Robyn. Having Avella is a risky move as well. She is pretty awesome though and adds that magic element that Robyn doesn’t have. The magic is something else in this issue too. Although Avella and Gisbourne aren’t good, I think most of them are in this for the long haul though. Cal is one evil dude that no one wants to deal with, so it isn’t a surprise that everyone is teaming up. Even his army is made up of orcs. His forces just seem so fake, but clearly powerful.

RH_Legend_02_coverANow to the story. The gang right away end up in battle when Cal has sent his orcs to stop the team. Their goal is to get to Nottingham to stop Cal. I love how every Robyn issue deals with not having a plan. Seriously they are all the worst planners ever. They literally make it up as they go or right before battle they half ass some ideas. Robyn and Will have their first real action in this issue. They have had some connections, but this time they are seeing what the other means to them. Like I said, Will is coming back is a good thing. Clearly he is hiding something from Robyn though and you may find out what that is in this issue. Let’s just say Robyn will be pissed. Which doesn’t give anything because I am pretty sure that is her only emotion!

By far, Legends has been the most interesting story to come out of Robyn Hood. Now we have only had two issues, but I can tell this story is more put together. I hope it just keeps evolving and doesn’t speed through some serious issues going on. Plus, Robyn has got to become leader soon of Nottingham. It seems it is about time to put someone in charge who isn’t evil or will be turned. Cal has got to go. He has been a damper for too long in Robyn’s life, and at this point in the comic, Robyn needs his death.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/9/14 Format: Mini-Series – Print/Digital