Review: Robyn Hood - Legend #4

I have enjoyed this new Robyn Hood story the most. It has captured what needed to be done with Robyn. First off it is set almost entirely in Myst. Although I like that Robyn is from present day for it adds humor from our time, the comic makes so much more sense in Myst. Plus we actually get to see Robyn do her thing. Secondly, the story has been consistent. The plot moves with each issue and we aren’t jumping around places or people. Thirdly, which relates back to the second thing, is that the goal is clear. Nottingham needs saved. Watching Robyn trying to save this town with a group of misfits is entertaining enough. Most of Robyn Hood comics deal so much inside her head that we never really see real emotion come out of her. The comic is action packed, but Robyn has a lot to say and doesn’t ever say it. She has issues no doubt, but at the same time the readers only feel Will’s side of his love for Robyn. Instead the cover says it all this week; emotion road here we come. Her Love is dying and I keep thinking it is going to end or be a glorious beginning for these two. Some magic will have to be done that brings the couple together forever. Honestly, Marian giving Will new life at the beginning sucked. Why didn’t she just do this in the first place? I don’t get it. It was so anticlimactic. But Cal comes into play with this issue and that helped turn it around. The ending made up for the rough start, so let’s talk about it.

RH_Legend_04_cover-B-e1401898999163I have said it before too, but Robyn carries this comic. She has all the right moves that a comic needs. Almost every character we don’t know enough about to really feel connected or they are just blah. Marian is one of those of gals that I would love to know more about. She had a whole story dedicated to her, but I still don’t know much about her and her magic. Cal we do get more of a back story on. And Cal is a good villain too. Since he is from the present, he can relate to Robyn’s world while still being a dirty bastard in Nottingham. He has this hold over Robyn and the showdown is about to happen. Now I don’t think I am ruining anything by telling you that Robyn and Cal don’t have their ultimate showdown, but they do have one. I was surprised by this, but it fits in perfectly to our story.

Cal comes into play in a second, but the real story of Will and Robyn overshadows anything happening in Nottingham. They need to be together now and make everything right again. But Cal has got to be stopped. I don’t know why lovers choose to fight together, but one of these people needs to be a coward and back down. You know it is not going to end well. The explosive emotions of this issue is what gets you. I think it is a good issue, and sets up the ending perfectly. Robyn has a lot to fight for and it is time that Cal sees his end.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/11/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital