Review: Robyn Hood (One-Shot)

It has been some time since I have picked up Robyn, but Zenescope always entertains me with her story. Like most issues, Robyn, with this One-Shot, is in a whole new world. No not in Nottingham or any other realm, but instead she finds herself fighting with the Realm Knights. This group is like Agent Shield; a huge corporation trying to stop bad realm people. For Robyn, she doesn’t see herself in this sort of situation, and I was surprised too to see her offering her skills to a group like this one. But I think Robyn needed some way of getting a pardon, and this is it. Plus, her boo, Will, has passed away. Look I am not saying that I am happy Will is out of the picture, but I think Robyn can do better! And his death has added something different to Robyn herself. Oh and on the plus side, the outfit is killer. It is a mix between tight leather and her signature Robyn look. Love it. Robyn’s first mission is to obtain this technomancer. She is more than apathetic about the mission. This is what I love about Robyn though. She doesn’t force herself to behave how she is supposed to behave. I dig that. She runs into some trouble when she sees who is in control of this technomancer. I was wondering when this character would pop up again. With this series, you just really never know who is coming at you. With the different worlds all intertwining, everyone seems to escape to one world or another.

Robyn Hood (One-Shot)-1The action in this issue is all over the a good way. We start in a factory looking place, but soon Robyn jumps through portals to follow her villain-gal. We jump into a new place where some serious stuff is about to go down. The Dark Queen has arrived, and this chick is full of mind games. She has slaves, orcs, and all sorts of magic keeping her afloat.

My favorite part about this series is not only Robyn’s lackluster attitude, but her way of dealing with problems. She narrators the issue with her thoughts. And her thoughts bring about this playful manner. She is a jokester, and I adore that about her. She references lots of pop culture, which is funny her being in another realm and all. Even though she is so negative in her comments, but they are too funny to be seen that way. I take this as her way of dealing with stress. Whatever the reason, Robyn’s badass attitude is what keeps me hooked on this comic.

So Robyn is what always kept me coming back, but what kept me from staying? Well quite honestly, the story had some real issues. I couldn’t catch on to the whole plot and thought it had some holes. Well I can officially say that this One-Shot has hit all those marks that it missed before. The story doesn’t just have potential this time. It has an awesomely entertaining setting, characters, and personal dynamic that I have been wanting to see. If you are like me and may only read Robyn Hood every once in a while for quick wit and tight action, well stop and get this issue. You get all of that wrapped with some details of Robyn’s current situation that make it an all-around great read.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/12/14