Review: Robyn Hood: Wanted #3

We get no ideas as to who this Sheriff guy is. We also don’t get to see Marian at all. I was curious to see where this story lead us but instead we follow Robyn and Will around. I like when a comic starts a story and then veers off into another story that will eventually blend together. If both can keep my interest and somehow intertwine to find a good climax scene then it is worth the split. Here, I found myself spending most of time reading this comic wondering when Marian was coming back. I almost didn’t pay attention to Robyn and Will or King John’s son’s story at all. I had to go back and reread some parts because my mind was wandering. Robyn and Will get pulled into Myst by Avella. She has no intention of killing Robyn but instead was clearly sent to trap the pair. They do have a battle, but it is very low key. About the only thing that made me laugh is that Avella calls Will the damsel in distress. Will is a little weak. Maybe why I found myself bored with Robyn’s plot is not her so much but Will. Once Avella disappears the two are left in the woods for the night. Robyn decides to confine in Will and tell her side of the story. Nothing else really happens with them.

The main focus in the comic is King John’s son and his guard, Gisbourne. Ya know how movie critics say never to work with children or animals, this comic proves that true of children. The Prince is dumb, I mean clearly he is young and only concerned about avenging his father, but he adds nothing to the comic. I found him and Gisbourne interactions annoying. Gisbourne is good. He makes a great evil guard and he has more power than we think. This part will play out nice and reveal where true powers lie sometimes. The Prince looks like he was just thrown in there because he had to be. He plays a terrible role.

RHWANTED03_coverAI am excited for issue four because this comic tells us that the Sheriff will be revealed in the next issue. I don’t know why they didn’t tease with the Sheriff’s reveal in this issue. It would have made more of a splash. Plus aren’t we all waiting to see this guy and then there is no mention of him in this entire comic. Weird. Plus Marian was at her life’s end last issue and we got no talk of her either. She has to have a big role coming up. It was like the characters decided all together to forget about the people that matter but to focus on this 9 year-old boy and his issues. Like they matter.

Zenescope stills has a good comic and story on the line. Robyn is such a likable character. You want her to win at all times, but they need to give more show time in order to keep the reader entertained. There are a lot of side stories that I don’t see blending together smoothly. I think they will just all end up in the same room together somehow and start fighting all over at once. Picking sides as they choose. Maybe it will be fun to see play out but in the end it will leave us with a mixed feeling of how they all ended up together.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Larry Watts

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/31/13