Review: Robyn Hood: Wanted #4

Okay second day into Nottingham and Robyn is ready to kick some butt. She meets up the fellow townspeople to plan an attack. Good for you. Get shit done; nobody likes the waiting game. Gisbourne is about as crazy as villains come. He slaps the very young Prince and makes him bleed. Gisbourne wants the power. But for what gain? What does he do once he has the power? I am confused as to what his motive is once he has power. We saw last time that Marian is being sucked of her powers; hence where Gisbourne will get this power from. I also am assuming Marian will be turned into an evil force for Gisbourne. Now Robyn must lead ordinary people into a battle that they just faced some time ago. She has said in this comic that she is no leader, but somehow she manages to bring the village together with her words. It is cool seeing someone so unsure of the power they hold over people. We finally see Much and Tuck again too. They have survived and are ready to fight along with Robyn and Will. Will is desperately trying to make a move on Robyn. I mean she literally could die, so make a move son.

RHWANTED04_coverBWhat is cool about this comic is when Robyn has her little thought bubbles. At first these things annoyed me. After getting used to how the comic is set up, the thought bubbles grow on you. I always am interesting in what is going on in her head. It usually is what most people would be thinking about and adds that modern twist, since she is from earth.  Also, Will didn’t annoy me as much as usual in this comic. That is a plus. I still think this comic needs work though. It needs some more hooks in order to keep the reader reading. The story is long and slow. It could use some boosters to add to the plot. It isn’t a comic I necessarily have to read right when it comes out. I am hoping that some crazy battles or magic is about to happen with Marian. The bow and arrow character is so in right now, but they need something to keep their story apart from the others. I think it would be cool if the comic did some cross-over characters like bringing back Red Riding Hood in order to help the town.

There are positives notes here too. I don’t mean to lash all of the negative at you. The story has some good basics involving the two worlds. Robyn is a likable character and brings that trashy girl attitude from earth. I also like the villains and we get introduced to another villain in this issue that could make for some better stories. He has more of a background with Robyn. Gisbourne is good, but as I said above I am dying to know more of his motives. Why does he do what he does? Robyn will have a pretty tough battle ahead of herself and I hope it all takes place in the castle. I would love her sneaking around there, being hunted by everyone. I can guess that Marian will be back next issue too. Robyn will find out what is happening to her and we will see if evil will overtake Marian. It is a lot to pack into the next issue, but if they don’t put it all in there it will lead to that slow story again.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Larry Watts

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/28/13