Review: Robyn Hood - Wanted #5 (of 5)

This issue was the best so far. I do hate when comics wait till the last minute to pack such a huge punch though. If all the issues had this flare, I would have been hooked all the way through. Robyn is about to battle Gisbourne and magically Cal shows up. If you remember Cal from the first volume of Robyn Hood, he raped Robyn and left her on the side of the street, literally. I was pretty stoked to see how it all turned out, I actually got into this ending and was surprised by how unpredictable it was. First things first though; the cover for this issue just sucks. I can’t understand why they gave Robyn greasy hair and made her all creepy. I don’t get it. On top of this slop party, Robyn is wearing her traditional Myst outfit. Umm hey Zenescope, she hasn’t worn this outfit since the first volume. Call me crazy but the cover should reflect what is happening in the issue. This seems to be someone’s old backwash from the first volume.

RHWANTED05_coverAOkay moving on to happier things. Like I said this issue rocked for multiple reasons. The biggest thing includes Will and the annoyance I have with this dude. He wasn’t as annoying. And although I wanted Cal to rip him in half during their fight, I sort of felt bad about my thoughts. I think Will is finally growing on me. The weird thing about this issue is when Robyn saves Marian they share a kiss. And for the record that stupid kiss had more passion than Will and Robyn will ever hold for me. Anyway, it seems that Robyn enjoyed the whole ordeal even though Marian was under some weird transition period from being under a spell. So now I am wondering if Zenescope just adding this to pleasure the audience or if Will and Robyn are over for realz. One can only hope.

Now this is the last issue in this arc, so the action does not let you down. We even see the death of one character. The coloring was cool here because Cal is all blistering and grose. So when he and Robyn take to battle I liked the dark purple back drop. It made the whole scene stand out more. Plus the purple sort of blocks anything else from view, so you really focus in on the fighting.

The issue ends with lots of stuff left in the air. I thought it would at least end some stories, but it really just opens up a whole can of worms. It was perfect and really sets up the next story arc. When the next issue comes out, which could be a while, I don’t think I will lose interest the way I normally do waiting on a title. I am not the biggest fan of Zenescope, since their titles seem to be more not less of women’s body parts. I have stuck with Robyn in hopes that I may open my mind to more Zenescope titles. I don’t know if I quite there, but if this magic keeps up I could.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/16/13