Review: Rogue Trooper - Classics #3

The summer is here, and I can think of no better way to enjoy it than going way retro and reading comics of yore. One of the best ones going on at this time hands down is Rogue Trooper Classics.  These reissues began with the original episodes that started in 1981 and were printed in 2000 AD Magazine. Everything within the reissue is as it is, accept just a new splash of coloring adding some modern enhancement that makes the whole comic pop. And with three issues out already, I have to say that it is as sweet as Rogue is blue. Definitely worth your while. Written by Gerry Finley-Day, and featuring the artistic talents of Mike Dorey, Colin Wilson, and the legendary Dave Gibbons, this Genetic Infantryman (GI) hasn't lost a bit of his flow in the over 30+ years of its original publication. For much of the first two Classics releases, we have been introduced to Rogue, the toxic environment that is Nu Earth, as well as much of the backstory. Rogue was designed to be the game changer for the Southers in their war against the Norts. Designed to handle the toxic environment and atmosphere of Planet Nu Earth, they were able to do really what no other soldier on Nu Earth could. They could roam freely, without the use of Chemsuits or breathing apparatus and they are nearly indestructible. It appears that the GIs were created with every defense in mind with the exception of one, treachery. Unfortunately, it was that very treachery that would seal their fate and cause them to be massacred in a place known as the Quartz Zone. Now, just lone survivor Rogue, aided by three of his fallen comrades who he converted to microchip form before their deaths, are scouring the countryside (and beyond), searching for answers and trying to figure out who brought about their downfall.

RogueTrooperClassics03-cover copy 2With these stories in Issue #3, we get to see more of the three fallen comrades in action. Which has been a really interesting change of pace. As so far, the three have really just been mostly three wise cracking sidekicks. But Gunnar, Helm, and Bagman located in Rogue's gun, helmet, and backpack respectively, really come out and show their true abilities within these pages. They save Rogue's bacon quite a bit here, adding quite a bit of new direction, as before, we have seen Rogue taking care of all the business. Here, he is taken out by a previously unknown plant in the polar area of the planet, as well as falling to the mercy of a robotic killing machine with laser pointed precision. His comrades are tasked to take care of the business and their individualized personalities come out even more as they must all work as a team to survive. It makes for some entertaining reading enjoyment that expands Rogue into new territory.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Gerry Finley-Day Artists: Dave Gibbons, Colin Wilson, Mike Dorey Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/2/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital