Review: Rumble #14

Quick recap: the soul of an ancient warrior is stuck inside a scarecrow. This soul, along with a few human friends he's made through the past 13 issues, has been looking for his original body which was stolen by demons. His body has returned, but inhabited by another soul, and now the two must fight it out all the while a demon army is on the hunt for our scarecrow hero. The fight breaks out between Rathraq (scarecrow soul guy) and his body, inhabited by another soul. His body is demanding Rathraq's sword, which we find out from way back in issue one is a very important and powerful sword. Rathraq instead sends the sword with one of his human friends, Del, and decides to engage in combat with his body, but in a way that won't destroy his body. Got all that?

The humans run around trying to find Cogan, an old timer that knows more than he lets on. Bobby and his girlfriend (probably named in past issues) run into the bar that Bobby works at as Cogan is usually there, although he is gone. Del bursts in with the sword, and the girl demands Bobby and Del explain the whole situation.

rumble14_coverartaElsewhere, Rathraq and his body continue to fight, all while being comically monitored by two local police officers that are helpless to do anything else. Just when it seems Rathraq will be defeated, a bus full of demons and the demon queen, Xotlaha, run over the body and crush it and the bus into a building. The demons and Xotlaha offload and surround Rathraq, as his defeat means they have nothing left to fear.

Suddenly the bus is flung into the air by the body of Rathraq, and a battle between the body and the demons ensues. Rathraq bursts into the bar to get his sword back from Del and joins in the fight against the demons when suddenly someone from the past appears...

I've enjoyed Rumble since it began. I've unfortunately missed a few issues as of late, but I'm so glad to have gotten to read this recent issue. I've always felt that this was such a unique story with fun characters. There are always battles and humor wrapped into every issue, each character being very unique with their own ways of speaking and acting. The art is fun, more cartoon like but not so much as to be unrealistic or silly. There is always a lot of action in this series, and it makes it fun to read. The artist is very skilled as any movement is very well drawn and if you're into it like I am you can't help but imagine the movement in your mind.

I would recommend this book to anyone. This has really motivated me to go back and catch up on issues. Go check this book out; everyone should give it a shot. It's a different story than you've read before, and I firmly believe it has something for everyone.

[su_box title="Score: 5/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Rumble #14 Writer: John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Colorist: Dave Stewart Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital