Review: Rumble #2

Rumble left a funny taste in my mouth after reading the first issue. I couldn’t quite put on a finger on it, but all in all I’m back to review it again. So maybe that funny taste was alright and maybe not being able to pinpoint this comic was exactly the right move. Sometimes that ambiguity in comics is what brings the readers back. So let’s see if Rumble will be getting another read from me. Let’s start with the stuff I know. I know that Bobby works at a bar. He has got no game and is our main character. So of course he is relatable. In the first issue, Bobby is servicing up a regular who owes him a lot of money. His name is Cogan. Something is off about this dude and we soon find out that Butcher, a grimm reaper type, is going after Cogan. Butcher has this sword that Bobby takes at first, hence why he gets involved. Also Cogan leaves Bobby a very suspicious note that for all we know could hold the answer to immorality... but probably not. A bunch of weird creatures show up for the sword and this is where the shit show starts.

Rumble-#2-1-21-15These creatures are strange. It sort of reminds me of Battling Boy’s strange characters but with much more demon qualities. We get introduced to some more weird animals at the beginning of this issue too. Their name is Lerna. Think of a lizard with six snake heads and the size of horse. You just have to get the issue to see how crazy this world is. James Harren, the artist, has got some definite skill in creating something that I have never seen before. It is grotesque but at the same time you don’t want to look away. Butcher is normal looking, but I don’t want to know what is under that hood of his.

So after we meet up with Lerna and his owner, we quickly jump to Bobby. Bobby doesn’t know what the hell is going on, and I don’t think I do either. I think he's interested in finding out and I think all readers are intrigued with this unique story. It does seem like Butcher is protecting Bobby and all humans for that matter because of his talk with Bobby. Maybe these creatures are from hell or somewhere and trying to take over. I honestly don’t know. And what is up with the cat jumping out of the window and then eating himself to explosion? Again, answers I do not know.

Back to what I know. This comic is strange. Yet I somehow want to know more of what is happening. I want more weird creatures, I want more battles, and I want more Bobby. So Rumble dudes keep up this crazy story because I think I will be along for the ride.

Score: 3/5

Writer: John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Colorist: Dave Stewart Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 1/21/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital