Review: Saga - Book One

Just recently, I picked up Saga and started to read this insanely popular series. I know it was long overdue, but my pile has been getting pretty high. If you haven’t read this comic, you should. But a quick rundown of the plot involves a galactic war, a father and mother, and trying to raise a life into this insane world. Unlike some hardcovers, I think a lot of people will run out to buy Saga’s hardcover. It has such iconic characters that it is recognized in the industry everywhere. I think that is pretty incredible. Plus I just think this new Book will be a collector’s item containing the first three volumes. Saga is on the path of being one of the greatest, if it already isn’t there. For me and a lot of other readers, one of the clear stars of this series is Fiona Staples. Her work is incredible. I say this a lot, but I find it difficult to jump into a new world and not be overwhelmed with all the new things. Staples does a great job of giving us those fucked up moments but we still understand the point. We still get the movement. We still see a toilet and think “ok, I get that small piece, so now I am going to explore the rest.”

Saga-HC 01Now moving on to the writing, Brian K. Vaughan is no slacker either. The story involves some pretty hefty stuff, but Vaughan has this way of presenting ideas that blow your mind but then also make you laugh. I mean when you open a comic with a pregnancy, some dramatic things can be done, but Vaughan layers on top of that drama with a joke of Alana asking Marko if she is shitting. It is fun moments like that which gives the readers a lot of entertainment.

But what I think people enjoy most about Saga is the very core idea the comic holds; love conquers all. Although many may seem this as lame, it is still a powerful message and used widely in literature today. Marko and Alana experience the highs and lows of life while trying to bring a baby into their messed up world. It captures the fears of people today. It is a challenge to raise a baby, fight for what is right, all while trying to stay in love. It cuts to your real emotions and doesn’t let go. You root for this family and even experience the journey with them. A win for them is a win for you, and a loss for them is a loss for you. Being tied to the characters will no doubt be what keeps this comic going.

And let’s not forget about the lying cat who can detect when someone is lying and blurts it out in that very instant. He is easily one of the coolest characters and also brings in a real sense of clarity. Plus I have to say that with Marko and Alana comes a great background story with Lying Cat and The Will. The Will offers lots of dynamic. He is a changing character that I can grow with.

So with the beautiful art, a funny experience, and the incredible story behind it all, you just have to get this hardcover to round out your collection. You get tons of extras, and I think it is worth it. Finding out what inspires a story that you love or what helped create it is sometimes the most interesting. You’ll get the extra sketches as well. And it is all worth it. Finally a continuously good series coming from the comic world.

Score: 5/5

Saga - Book One Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Fiona Staples Publisher: Image Comics Price: $49.99 Release Date: 11/19/14 Format: Hardcover; Print