Review: Saints #2

I have realized something, the less that happens in the Saints, the better it is. Having the cast sit around in the living room of Lucy, meeting her parents? That is some good stuff. Having them eat burgers while driving? Also good stuff. Get around to moving along that whole plot thing? Meh. With the second issue we meet Lucy’s parents, very religious folk who have a painting of “Jesus Pimp”, and are super ecstatic to find out their child is a Saint. As are her friends. They are willing to help out in any (and they mean ANY) way they can. So of course Blaise steals the Jesus Pimp painting and they take the car formerly belonging to Lucy’s parents on a road trip out into the middle of the deserts or Arizona. In the night the Jesus Pimp painting gives them a message telling them about the plot stuff that involves angels or something and leading them towards the next Saint.

Saints-#2While the dialogue once again shines, with some wonderful quotable lines, the artwork more than pulls its weight. I am more in love with the art choice now than before. I love the more basic design that allows for colors to pop and expressions to be easily detected. It brings so much to the tone of the book that I can no longer imagine it in any other style, this is how the characters should always look.

Speaking of how characters look I never noticed Lucy has candles in her hair, but once it is brought up in the comic, I can’t help but see it every time she’s in a panel. This includes my quick reskimming of the first issue. Also, I have no clue why Sebastian is shirtless for half the issue, or why he wears an adorable kitten shirt, but I have settled on not wanting to argue with such choices. They seem absurd and weird if randomly seen, but feel like part of the character that is Sebastian.

I wonder if Saints would be as good without the character Sebastian. He was the highlight of the first issue by far, could the second issue help the rest of the cast rise to the heights that is Sebastian? Well sadly no, not really. Besides a couple of good remarks, the rest of the cast is pretty skippable. It is only when characters are talking ABOUT Sebastian do they become interesting, it is issue 2 and we are already in full Poochie territory in how to handle the comic. Every page should feature Sebastian, if he isn’t around the characters should be asking, “Where’s Sebastian”, he should also have a time machine. This will lead to the best possible comic. When he meets his untimely demise, since that is the one thing guaranteed when you are a martyr, this comic will be completely gutted unless things change. Blaise isn’t a good main character, he isn’t dynamic nor interesting enough.

Although the newest Saint revealed in the last few pages shows some promise. But the jury is still out, he may be more plot oriented and less chill and chat. We need more chill and chat in this book.

Score: 3/5

Saints #2 Writer: Sean Lewis Artist: Benjamin Mackey Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Released Date: 11/4/15 Format: Print/Digital