Review: Samurai Jack #11

I almost didn’t review Samurai Jack this week for the silent issues, but I am so glad that I opened this book once more. There is no doubt that the action in this comic is awesome. You really can never go wrong with having a samurai on your side, but Andy Suriano captures the movements of a warrior. This comic isn’t just for kids for that simple fact. The sequencing is actually quite complex and deserves double takes with every simple fight. And let’s face it, when a dude can slice through a giant scorpion’s gut like it is no big deal, you have to take notice. Even the dark colors sets up the perfect view for a reader. I love the deep purples, oranges, and blues to give the comic some more uff. Each scene is layered with creativity that you almost take it for granted until you open another action comic. And with the addition of a new character to this issue, and Jim Zub’s writing, the comic gets high praise from me. SamuraiJack11-cvrJack runs into Soule the Seer, an old wise man who is funny in his own right. He is a clever funny that is easy to pick up on, but is never mentioned in the comic. He has noticed that the alignment in his world is off, it could just be his creaky bones, but he gives us hope nonetheless. Aku is ruler, so this old man is risking more than Jack to help him out. Aku could soon be fighting an army. Jack doesn’t know why he trust this old man immediately too, but he tells of a story about Jack’s sword. He wants to get Jack back to his time and may just hold the potion to do the trick. Jack’s sword can get him through any problem, so if he risks his sword to go back in time, we all hope it works or else he may be left without his strong sidekick. The two set off on a journey that is filed with jerky and Hellhounds. It is pretty epic.

I love this new issue and the flow of the story. Having Seer included in the mix gives the comic a story to follow that is more than defeating some beast. Jack is such a static character that even if another static character is introduced it spices up the overall plot. At the end of the issue, we find out that we are entering a new story arc, which was surprising because usually the gateway issues aren’t that thrilling, but Samurai Jack does a good job of keeping your interest in order to build up the new story. So pick up the comic this week because young and old fans will have something to talk about.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Andy Suriano Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/20/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital