Review: Samurai Jack #13

I am a sucker for cute things. So I am just going to jump to the main reason this comic rocks; Samurai Jack as a youngster equals adorable. Now there are many reasons to jump onto this series, but if you are a sucker for cute things then here is your chance to enjoy Jack as a young samurai hearing of his father’s tales. I wish we could jump back in time more. Especially with Aku and Jack’s father. It seems this foe has been going on for generations, so to see the root of it all is always a plus. And yes I do just want to see cute Jack again too. SamuraiJack13-cvrBut again there are other reasons to read, so let’s get into that. Jack is in hiding ever since his sword was cracked. He has no way of completely protecting himself. Aku has ordered all eyes and ears to look out for Jack with good money involved and a dinner date with Aku... who could refuse that? Jack decides to hide in plain sight, but his luck is about to run out.

When a robot named Robo-Merc accidentally pricks Jack, he finds out that this old bearded man is Jack undercover. The event leads to a great showdown between the two. You can tell that without the sword though, Jack doesn’t have enough strength to get through the fight. He is depressed for sure. But the fight is still highly entertaining. I love watching the moves unfold. You really have to pay attention to each panel in order to comprehend Jack’s routine. I also just love the colors of the city. It seems like each issue we get shoved with such good action and such deep colors. Any kid would love looking at this comic. And with the action and themes of each issue, Samurai Jack is something anyone can enjoy.

Anyway, after the fight it seems all hope is lost for Jack. He has no friends, nowhere to run, no sword, and isn’t even in his time period. He flashes back to a moment with his father, the cute moment that I mentioned before, and the sword just isn’t a sword anymore. It is Jack’s soul. It is a connection he has with his father. To get the sword back would mean everything to Jack, but I think Jack has to earn in back. Jack must realize that he is a good fighter with and without the sword. I am hoping it isn’t an easy task to get the sword back and then Jack is powerful again. He should have to get out of this depressed state to win it back. I have a feeling something big will happen either way. And I am hoping that this story arc will end with Aku and Jack face to face. It is about time that these two have a battle.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Andy Suriano, EthenBeavers Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/22/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital