Review: Samurai Jack #20

Samurai Jack is saying goodbye to his readers but will he leave his legacy behind? I have enjoyed opening Samurai Jack each month and have hailed it’s writing and action packed creativity. Most of the stories revolved around epic battles of good versus evil all the while Jack was desperate to find a way home. So although I am sad to see to this tale go, I also think that most readers will be left with an overall great feeling about our favorite warrior. Mako returns and is writing scrolls of Samurai Jack. He has lived in Aku’s future for years. Almost every residence knows a guy that knows a guy who has encountered Jack. Last time we left Jack, everyone was after him for Aku. Jack was still searching for a way to return home while trying to survive. Mako knows very little about his story but knows the story Jack’s story needs to be recorded in the history books. So he is on a mission. He wants to find someone who has met Jack... specifically someone who has been saved by Jack. Mako is in for a surprise though when he comes across a man who knows where Jack is.

SamuraiJack20-cvrI love that Jim Zub decided to end his comic with going to the future even further. We really can see everything that Jack has fought for over the years. His struggles are clear but what is even more clear is his successes. We get a very bitter-sweet ending with Jack that is perfect for his character. Before Jack is aggressive, Jack is spiritual. Zub has always been clear on that. It is a toss-up of what actually happens to Jack and that allows the readers to create their own plan. Once again this creative team has drawn in its readers with every panel allowing us to finish the story.

And once again, Andy Suriano delivers on his art. Because Mako is traveling around for most of the issue, there isn’t a lot of fighting scenes (plus once you read the theme of the story it will make sense why there isn’t much fighting) and yet Suriano does a wonderful job of creating this fantastical world for Jack. All the characters Mako meets really amplifies Jack’s quest.

All along Jack has been wanting something he can never achieve to see how he has come to peace with his situation makes this comic all the more better. Kids will eat this last issue up. Samurai Jack definitely had its highs and lows with me but with this final issue will leave many readers will be left satisfied...and that is always a good sign.

Score: 4/5

Samurai Jack #20 Writer: Jim Zub Artist: Andy Suriano Colorist: Josh Burcham Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital