Review: Secret Identities #1

Secret Identities gives us a new superhero team. The introductory issue drops us right into the action; we open with a battle between our team- the Front Line- and the baddies of the moment. It’s a lot all at once, an overwhelming scene of action and witty banter and goblin-like creatures. Then in swoops a fella named Crosswind, single-handedly saving the Front Line and the entire city of Toronto. The team falls over themselves in thanking him, and end up inviting him to join them. It’s exactly what he was after; apparently Crosswind is a newly-planted mole.

Secret-Identities-#1-2-18-15After this opening scene we get glimpses of the individuals on the team. Despite their base being in Canada, one of the members is the U.S. president’s daughter. One member- a speedster- seems to be living a double life, juggling two families in different countries. One member is failing at their dream job (their dream job isn’t being a superhero? Nope, it’s being a stand-up comic).

The Front Line’s base is in the corpse of a giant that the Front Line once defeated. It’s frozen in place, sword still in the air, half its head missing and a gaping hole in it chest. Cute. Inside the base, Crosswind is annoyed to discover that he hasn’t immediately been granted full access.

Though we’re still getting to know this team, I’m pretty interested already. I love witty banter mid-battle, what can I say? I also really enjoyed seeing the team members outside of their superhero personas and seeing how their lives are messy. It was interesting to see these moments upfront rather than picking through them as the characters develop. This is looking like a fun, action-filled comic. This was a solid introduction; now I’m looking forward to seeing these characters unravel further, and to seeing the damage that Crosswind does.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Jay Faerber, Brian Joines Artist: Ilias Kyriazis Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital

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