Review: Sex #10

Sex is the story of Simon Cooke, a wealthy bachelor, and formerly a masked crime fighter known as the Armored Saint. Mr. Cooke has traded in his spandex for leather so to speak and has been exploring his wild side. A wild side that was always there, but severely repressed during his crime fighting days. Along the way, Cooke has encountered old foes, old friends, and a seedy underside of his city that is a cornucopia of lust,passion, and anything goes fantasy. Reviews have been very mixed on this not for young people title. It is dirty and graphic, but there is also a story being told as well. I have been out on the fence with it so far, liking some issues and not liking others. It has had no real consistency and I am still waiting for that issue where everything comes together and clicks. I thought issue nine was beginning to make that turn. But alas, here in issue ten, we are still in the turn. There is a lot of things going on, but nothing where you can see some pattern. I was disappointed.

SEX10Though the title of this chapter is called "Impact Season", I think "People at Work" would be a better title because that is what it is. In this issue, we see all of the characters at work doing their jobs. Whether it is preparing for a big possible business merger, trying to satisfy a disgruntled customer, or preparing for a crime, we see people at work. I did recognize that the title suggests that things are falling into place and all of our characters should be coming together soon. But right now, our story is kind of like the description of the criminal Alpha Brothers..."Ambiguous"... Just not sure what is going on. We are being led somewhere. Where that is? I am not quite sure.

Even though I am not quite sure where we are going, I have been pleased with Joe Casey's writing. He has a nice flow with words and does a good job in allowing the pictures to make the statement sometimes while allowing dialogue to make others. It is a balanced give and take that make the story more readable and makes the promise that there will be a payoff somewhere down the road.

I have also been intrigued by Pioter Kowalski's art. It is well done and allows Casey to let the drawing make a statement. These are both pluses to a title that is still trying to find itself.  Hopefully it will soon. I guess you could say that the story is a lot like old Simon Cooke himself;just trying to figure things out.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Joe Casey Artist: Piotr Kowalski Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/22/14