Review: Shadowman #10

Magic, mystique, Civil war, and great power all together in one great story.  The true origin story not of just power and character, but the start of many generations to come. This is just one perfect blend of art and storytelling.

Sandria met Marius Boniface in the battle field becoming his angel, but he became hers as time grew. Sandria is running from her brother realizing how twisted, possessive and powerful he has become. She ran to into the fog of war to get lost and away from her brother and came across Marius not knowing she would fall in love. As a soldier Marius stays at his post and Sandria uses her talents to help the army. Nicodemo, Sandria’s brother, is furious that his sister has left and is searching far and wide for her. He sets up a trap finding Sandria but she flees leaving a fight on his hands. Months later he finds Sandria and Marius and all hell breaks loose.

In short that’s the basics of the story, but it builds up so well. The depth and intrigue of the story keeps you in the world. It has a way of wrapping you up in the characters involved even down to the lowly soldiers that have no name. The confusion and the possessive nature of Nicodemo make him such a brutal character. The tenderheartedness of Sandria and southern gentleman of Marius all blend together and also makes the character memorable.


The art is beautiful and is just a masterpiece. the blend of colors help set the mood calming purples and blues in contrast fires reds and oranges. It completes the story so well bringing together story and art.

I know this is a part two of the  beginning in the zero issue, but it stands alone as a one shot. I’m really not into magic comics or stories in general but this one has to be my favorite of the few I have read. Great heroes with powerful  villains and just great artwork through and through. I highly recommend this book.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Justin Jordan Artists: Deigo Benard and Andrea Cuneo, Mico Suayan, Lweis LaRosa and Carmen Nunez Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/4/13