Review: Shadowman #13

This series has a whole new team from the story to the art and all I have to say is it’s dark and mysterious. A very good dark shadow over this book that will capture you, but leaving you with questions. This something you look for with a title of Shadowman. In a dark alley Jack doesn’t know who he is or what he is anymore, just death surrounds him. He doesn’t have any friends or allies. Jack is looking for answers. The path he has chosen to find his answers has led the Abettors, once sworn to help and guide the Shadowman, to turn their back against him and put a hit on him.

Jack has one friend left that is willing to help and send him in the deep swamps to find a witch. This witch may hold the answers or certain death but anything is better than what Jack is going through now.  Jack must take an offering to this witch and hopefully get the answers he needs. As Jack heads into the swamp he starts flashbacking to his childhood and the fight that were once had.  The witch takes the offering to help Jack, but now his true identity comes and she goes on the attack.

SM_013_COVER_DELATORREThis book is dark which is what you should expect from a title like Shadowman. It is written very well and moves with ease; the story ends where it starts. Which leaves you still wondering are they going somewhere here? I really like the attitude of the character and where it could be going, but I feel like this issue is still a prequel to the actual story.

What shines though is the art of this book I believe is true nature of how I pictured it; its dark sketchy and just enough color that enhances the story. The flashbacks and drawn with the void of color so you know it’s a memory and a different time separating from the story. Because of this it makes its own story and you know what is real-time and the past. The colors that are used make powerful statement like the fire and the depths of the swamp.

This is a good restart to Shadowman and will grab your attention. I do feel it lacked something to move forward to the true story arc, but maybe next issue will surprise me.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Roberto de la Torre Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/4/13