Review: Shadowman #16

Fear is a strong force that can make you do things you would never expect and you can’t conquer it until you have control of yourself. Jack now realizes this and that he must face his past to take control of the Loa that is Shadowman. Every hero must go through a period to find themselves and this one was quite good. We find Shadowman facing a weapon whose power will make Jack powerless and the Loa will have to transfer. Jack faces two challenges: Not getting destroyed by the Screaming whip that has destroyed many lives before and letting the Loa overtake him and bring a darkness he has been fighting within.  There is one thing that helps control Shadowman and that is love. Alyssa intervenes before the last whip can be delivered. She figures out the Abettors were just using her too so they can gain control of the Loa.

Jack is finished with being controlled; he will take control of the Shadowman Loa and to do that he must and face/resolve the past. Once this is done he will face the bigger issue of the fear sweeping across the city. The first encounter didn’t go as well as Jack hoped but his new plan should work because the nightmares need to stop. Jack becomes a nightmare himself to prove what he is turning to get his point across. Now his fear has been faced he now can take on everybody else’s. With this control he can even control the Scythe too.

SM_016_VARIANT_DAUTERMANThe story built up nicely and finished with a bang. This is truly a different hero’s journey to find themselves. There were so many components that came to together in the end.  The one thing this book made you feel the struggle Jack was really facing. It also made you feel the power the Shadowman really has.  This is the first issue I felt Jack has control and isn’t still grasping at the concept of becoming Shadowman. I also feel this book can move forward to become a great series it has the potential to be. The one down fall is it is a little jumpy form night to-day, and from each sub story whether its jack demon or the demon Shadowman faces.

The art also just matches the story so well. It’s sketchy and monochromatic with enough detail to bring life to the pages. I really feel the darkness and magical sense of the book now too. Through the art you can feel the power, fear, and the true sense of the characters.

This book is awesome and you can pick it up off the shelf and jump in. I would say you miss a little if you don’t previous issue but it sets perfect for the next arc. I really can now feel and awesomeness of Shadowman.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Roberto de la Torre Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/19/14