Review: Sheltered #2

The first issue of this series really surprised me and I guess that I was surprised by that. People told me I was way too generous with my praise of this book and in reality it wasn’t that good. I disagreed with that because it did one of the things that I love in storytelling. It made me think, “What would I do with this story?” so that alone is a big win. With that, let’s see where this pre- apocalyptic tale goes. On the out skirts of the compound, Victoria and Hailey enjoy their alone time in a watch tower while equipped with a flask. As Vic moans how much she hates the compound, her rant is interrupted with the sound of gun shots ringing out through the mountains.  As the girls make their way towards the shots, Vic sees the teen boys moving her dead father. Before she can engage them, Hailey stops her. The girls lay low and gather themselves. Once the coast is clear the two makes plans to check on Hailey’s folks.

Meanwhile, a calm Lucas is guiding the others on how to place the bodies in their massive bonfire. When receiving word on the statues of Vic and Hailey’s disappearance, Lucas approaches Hailey’s brother, Mitch and reassures him that their treacherous actions were with reason.

sheltered02_coverAs the rest of the camp begins to deal with the gravity of their action, Vic confronts members of Lucas’ group in a fit of rage. But before things can spiral too far out of control the girls double back and prepare for the worst.

This follow-up issue of Sheltered brings a series of things to light. One, with the way the other teens treat Lucas there’s not going to be too much jocking for leadership. I’m afraid with the way the gauntlet has been thrown down it’s just going to be an all-out fight between Vic and Lucas. Or it’s going to take a nod from Lord of the Flies and Vic and Piggy, er Hailey are going to have to be the better men. Or it could be something entirely different once Lucas’ true goals are revealed.

On the art front, kudos go out to Johnnie Christmas because there are panels in this issue that were absolutely awesome. The pacing of the panels that the book controls when the girls run towards the sounds of the shots is engaging and very well done.

The third issue of Sheltered should really show the readers what its real intentions are and I for one can’t wait.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Johnnie Christmas

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 8/7/13