Review: Shutter #12

The first act of this trippy little opus to the bizarre, action adventurers, family secrets, and ultimately the world of dreams and reality has finally reached its conclusion.  It has been some ride to say the least, with me really digging a great deal of it and only finding maybe one or two issues simply “OK”.  By in large though, the entire series has been absolutely awesome in every way shape and form.  It has the witty story artfully written by Joe Keatinge.  It has the incredible artwork from Leila Del Duca who has channeled her artistic chops full on into the wacky world of Kate Christopher.  And it has been as unique of a comic as I have read in many years.  It has truly been a pleasure.  And I have been really glad to have found it. I know I will miss it dearly as I wait for the second act to return sometime in the near future. Until that time, I will have to utilize the feelings and emotions that I had while reading Issue #12.  That should be an easy task however as this issue has been the absolute best of the series to date.  This statement says a whole lot as the series has been wonderful anyway.  But somewhere several issues back, Kate began to take over her ordeal and make it her own, calling shots and fighting tooth and nail every which way she has turned.  We watched a young and seeming victim early on, retrun to the strength that made her a famous adventurer as just a teen. Kate doesn’t play anymore.  And just because she is stuck in the World of Dreams facing down Prospero who has quite a link to all that has happened to this point, it just doesn’t matter.  I can’t give away any of the secrets, nor can I reveal the action that unravels both in the story at large or the epilogue of this issue.  The only thing I can say is that Kate will not stop no matter what the odds.

To quote Kate herself regarding her situation, “I have only one concrete thought in me….One thing I know I need to do…I’ve gotta go kick some ass.”

Shutter-#12Indeed, Kate does have to kick some ass.  As for Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca, They are kicking ass with this title and kicking ass in a large way. Shutter has been a series well worth the price of admission. Forget amusement parks and games. Fork over your money for this amazing adventure tale that will capture your heart and imagination.

Keatinge’s writing in Issue #12 is spectacular.  Covering Kate and her sister Kalliyan’s encounter and interaction with Prospero, the reader is enlightened to exactly how long the line of Kate’s family has been in regard to action adventurers.  You also are given how serious and important Kate’s rejection to that legacy is to her.  It is touching and intense at the same time that really tugs on the strings for this character who is the best of humanity.  It is a very good depiction, well scribed by Keatinge.

As for Del Duca and the art…I had said that she took this comic over recently.  I was wrong.  That issue was but a prelude to what kind of fury she can unleash.  The Dream World sequences are unbelievable.  And there is a section that occurs regarding Kate and her confronting Prospero that simply put, is some of the best graphic renderings that I have seen in recent memory.  Del Duca brings it and brings it like Kate herself, boldly and without hesitation.

Shutter is a series that I have really crushed on.  It has dazzled and entertained for twelve issues, apparently saving the best for last with the Act One end.  I can’t wait to see where we go from here.  Kate will be back dear readers.  And she will be kicking some ass.

Score: 5/5

Shutter #12 Writer: Joe Keatinge Artist: Leila Del Duca Colorist: Owen Gieni Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 5/20/15 Format: Ongoing/Print Digital