Review: Shutter #9

With this current issue of Shutter, we are beginning to see a shift change in the way things are happening.  Firstly, we go back.  Actually, we go way back to 1889 and the Paris World’s Fair.  Hidden in the shadows and away from the main sights, we see what could truly be called a wonder and an oddity called Prospero.  In Prospero’s collection, an extraordinary device called the Porticullis Hypnos is on display.  Through the Porticullis, lies the world of dreams.  How does all this fit in with the current story and with our hero Kate Christopher and her crazy ass family? Well, you are simply going to have to read the issue and find out for yourself. The second part of the shift change that we are seeing is the transition of Kate herself from a meek and in retirement former adventurer into the legendary bad ass that she once was in her past.  All through the series of Shutter thus far, Kate has been thrown off-balance from the likes of neon ninjas, gangster lions, bomb guns and the like.  With this issue, Kate is beginning to gain her footing and take control of the situation that she has been thrust into.  She is starting to bring it and not going to take any smack from anyone anymore, to include her psycho half-sister who has plans for her.  What those plans are? Well, you are simply going to have to read the issue and find out for yourself.

Shutter-#9-2-11-15Describing Shutter has always been a difficult thing to do as it is an adventure family melodrama in a super fantastic world that is much cooler than what we are used to seeing.  Everything has been a little off kilter and bizarre with this underside of dark family secrets from a family of legendary adventurers being thrust into the forefront.  It was believed that Kate Christopher was the last of the line and she had retired after the death of her father.  But it now seems that she may in fact not be the last in the family line and we are given another piece of the puzzle within this issue that adds even more spice to an already well done story.  What is that little spicy piece of information given?  Well, you are simply going to have to read the issue and find out for yourself.

All mysteries aside, the two constants through this entire series has been the fun and scatological writing style of writer Joe Keatinge with the always interesting, fantastic and Kung Pow artistic renderings of Leila del Duca.  These two have immense talent that receives a proper showcase within the pages not only in this issue, but in all of the previous eight as well.  The two work well, writing things that you know don’t exist in a way that makes them incredibly believable and dare say, normal.  These two make the abnormal look normal.  That’s kind of hard to do, but Keatinge and del Duca have done it time after time after time.

Adding to that hypomanic mix of cool has been the bright colors of Owen Gieni.  With Issue #9, the bright (like the rest of the story) makes a shift change to deep dark reds, blacks, and pinks as we go back in time and stay there for a while.  Gieni brings the heat with this issue and I place him as the star of the creative team here, deserving a spot on the table of Keatinge and del Duca.

Like all of the other issues, we are left hanging on as to what will happen next.  There are a lot of variables and a whole new world has been opened, bringing in some trippy seriousness to an already trippy tale.  As to what happened and what will happen next. Well, you are simply going to have to read the issue and find out for yourself.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Joe Keatinge Artist: Leila Del Duca Colorist: Owen Gieni Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/11/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital