Review: Sleepy Hollow 2.05 - "The Weeping Lady"

This week we tackled the myth of the weeping lady. You’ve probably heard some variation of the story; in Sleepy Hollow, the weeping lady was once Ichabod Crane’s betrothed. We get some flashbacks that introduce the weeping lady before she was a creepy, glowing-eyed, murderous spirit. Her name is Mary, and her biggest fault is her volatile jealousy. She’s justified when she accuses Katrina of having stolen Ichabod’s heart, but when she confronts Katrina about it, she falls to her death, becomes a spirit, and proceeds to magically drown anyone she thinks might be stealing Ichabod from her in the afterlife. This includes Abbie, who luckily is saved by Ichabod and Surfer Dude. The spirit of the weeping lady was awoken by Henry, naturally, but it doesn’t really go according to plan, and Moloch isn’t exactly pleased. There’s a great moment at the end, after Moloch makes it clear exactly how he feels about Henry’s failed attempt, when Henry is left alone. He looks small and childlike in that moment, and serious props to John Noble for that scene.

Important things to note from this episode: Ichabod and Katrina are at odds after Katrina reveals the truth about Mary’s death, and it’s only made worse when she willingly goes off with Abraham. Surfer Dude is still in the picture and it looks like he’s not going anywhere any time soon. Eventually I’ll have to call him by his name. We also glimpse a potential love triangle between Surfer Dude, Abbie, and Jenny. I’m hoping it doesn’t actually happen; both Mills sisters can do way better than Surfer Dude.

This was a great episode that pushed the plot along, so I wouldn’t recommend skipping it.

Score: 4/5

Directior: Larry Teng

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