Review: Sleepy Hollow 2.07- "Deliverance"

This week’s Sleepy Hollow was centered around Katrina. Finally, we get to see more of the enchantress; if only it were under better circumstances. Katrina suspects she’s been supernaturally poisoned, but she’s not that lucky. She’s actually been supernaturally impregnated, and the demon she’s carrying is Moloch himself. Yikes doesn’t begin to cover it. The good news is that Katrina has escaped both Abraham and Henry, and Henry is forced to spend the episode hunting her down. As the episode progresses, so does her pregnancy, and it does so rapidly. A supernatural demon pregnancy such as this one lasts less than a day, so it’s truly a race against the clock for Abbie and Ichabod.

Luckily, Abbie’s a badass, and she’s level-headed as hell, so we’re in good hands. She manages to track down Henry’s men, and with a little research, she and Ichabod discover a way to stop the pregnancy and return the Moloch fetus to purgatory. Just in the nick of time, too- the demon hands are literally pushing out of Katrina’s stomach, just about to claw through her skin, when Ichabod uses the power of aurora borealis to save the day.

Katrina has been largely underutilized up until now, and before this episode I didn’t have much of an opinion on her. She was mostly in the background, useful sometimes and other times just sort of present. But the trio worked well together, and I hope they continue to use Katrina; I imagine she’ll come in handy, with the magic powers and all.

Katrina still believes Henry can be saved, and after some pressing, Ichabod admits he does too. Abbie’s completely convinced otherwise, and I’m with her. Henry is Moloch’s man now, and even if he ever feels remorse or second-guesses his actions, there is no turning back for him. I can only see this ending one way for Henry, and it’s not exactly a happy family reunion.

The pregnancy plan was unsuccessful, but Henry’s already on to his next plan. Where are we now, Plan E? F? It seems Moloch gave Henry a long list of options, which is good, because Abbie and Ichabod have an archive full of ways to counter these plans. It’s pretty convenient that basically all of the evil plots have a counter somehow created by Ben Franklin or Washington himself or any of Ichabod’s other Revolutionary War buddies.

No Jenny this week, no Surfer Dude either, and only a glimpse of Frank Irving. But the team seems to be going strong, and now that Katrina is out, it can only be stronger.

Score: 4/5

Director: Nick Copus

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