Review: Sleepy Hollow S2.E8 – Heartless

Sleepy Hollow’s creature of the week is a succubus, preying on those who harbor secret desires, and taking their very life force. It gets a little complicated once she targets someone they know. Meanwhile Katrina’s having visions of the demon baby she almost gave birth to. The succubus is specifically called an incordata, meaning its heart has been separated from its body. To kill it, they first have to find the heart and kill it. The succubus kills two randoms before turning its gaze toward Surfer Dude, who’s… still here. He’s still hanging around and making himself useful and lusting after Abbie, which, it would seem, is his downfall in this case. Luckily Katrina is able to track the creature, and Abbie and Ichabod stop it before Surfer Dude is killed. And yes, I am going to continue to call him Surfer Dude.

Katrina is having a hard time moving on from her ordeal. You know, being impregnated with Moloch and nearly having the demon fetus claw its way out of her. That’s not easy to bounce back from, and it’s not surprising that Katrina is having trouble sleeping. But it turns out she isn’t having nightmares; they’re visions. Once she is able to focus, she can see what Henry is up to: he’s standing menacingly over a crib in an otherwise empty room. Sinister.

Katrina still believes Henry can be saved, and Ichabod continues to side with her, while Abbie firmly believes Katrina is flat wrong. There’s tension because of it, from all sides, and while Katrina is certainly proving useful, she’s not adding to the team dynamic in the way I’d hoped.

Eventually, Abbie and Katrina get to the heart while Ichabod and Surfer Dude take care of the creature. Ichabod and Surfer Dude interact quite a bit in this episode, and it’s amusing at times, irritating at others. It’s clear to Ichabod right off the bat that Surfer Dude has fallen hard for our girl Abbie, and since Ichabod doesn’t exactly think highly of Surfer Dude, it’s a lot of pursed lips and scowls from him. He is trying to be accepting about it, to be fair, but he’s pretty awful at hiding how he really feels. He goes so far as to ask what Surfer Dude’s intentions are regarding Abbie, and it’s rather uncomfortable. Abbie doesn’t seem particularly interested in a romantic relationship anyway, with Surfer Dude or with anyone, so what’s the problem, Crane?

Katrina returns to Abraham and Henry, hoping to destroy them all from the inside. But when she sees inside the crib, it’s instantly clear she won’t be able to harm Moloch at all. I want to believe that it’s because she’s been on Henry’s side this whole time. That would be a great twist. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s her motherhood and maternal love that’s stopping her from stopping Moloch. I fiercely hope that they show this side of Katrina to throw us off, and that she’s been evil from the start- she’s been in purgatory for centuries, I mean, who could blame her for turning evil?- because as it stands the writers are portraying motherhood as a weakness, which I am super not a fan of.

Overall, this episode was mildly entertaining, but not their best. It was an episode almost entirely focused on romance and desire, which could have been done well, but put too much strain on the team dynamic for this episode to be engaging. On top of that, no Frank and no Jenny this episode, which is truly unacceptable.

Score: 3 / 5

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