Review: Snowfall #2

Inspector Davitika Deal is now in front of the higher in the Cooperative to explain the sudden reappearance of the White Wizard and the events in the New Mercy Resettlement. Elsewhere Anthony Farrow has found his inspiration, Dr August Reasons, and he did give him a… warm welcome (I won’t apologize). Snowfall-#2-1The sheer amount of exposition in Snowfall #2 is enough to make you groan every time the world or the devices need to be explained halfway into the comic. Joe Harris isn’t just explaining the happenings in this comic, but justifying it. The dialogue is riddled with a lot of in-world terminology and it assumes the reader is submerged into the story having only read one issue. If there was little characterization in the first issue, it it’s done completely away with it on issue #2. Inspector Deal is described as the type of person she is, but no action backs it up, not that she has opportunity to do so. She goes from an evil council audience to mind control in a heartbeat. There is still nothing that makes Anthony a likable protagonist, he seeks answers to even more questions given to the reader as the last set of answers are rushed in one issue rather than taking its time. Dr. Reasons (these are not great names) is just an asshole. No motivation has been explained for him as of yet, and no reasons behind his past actions, or why he’s even torturing Anthony.

Morazzo does well with what he has on art duties, there isn’t much expressions on the faces of the characters, but delivers when necessary, attention to detail on backgrounds, and the one action sequence. Kelly Fitzpatrick does wonders showing how bleak the future could be, lacking changes in weather, and the control of such by one White Wizzard. There was very little actually happening in this issue, and they managed to make the best of it. Although the lettering was a highlight in the last issue for the use of various narration boxes and a unique one for the fairy tale being told throughout the story, there is so much jurgen happening in Snowfall #2, by the time the tale of the White Wizzard and the princess comes back, I was left exhausted and confused by everything else, therefore it became more of a nuisance than adding depth to the story.

Snowfall #2 is equivalent to adding the voice over on Blade Runner, or if The Fifth Element had spent most of its time with Corben Dallas in an interrogation room telling the audience about the regulations and history behind the flying taxi drivers Union.

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Snowfall #2 Writer: Joe Harris Artist: Martín Morazzo Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/23/16 Format: Print/Digital