Review: Snowfall #3

The inspector has taken out the White Wizard and now focuses her sights on the lab, Dr. Reasons’ lab. She seeks the formula and technology he uses to make and control snow. She has no idea what she will actually find. Anthony Farrow is also there.

Snowfall #3 has turned away from the overbearing in-world sci-fi talk and traded it for confusing metaphorical talk involving Farrow, the Wizard, and the girl inside the bubble. It seems like it’s all supposed to be crumbling away from the good guys as the Inspector goes and digs into their motivations and takes them away from them. But not much of that is carried through because of the amount of vague, off-beat talk that happens without explanation. Inspector Deals (last names are killing me) goes through Dr. Reasons’ (they really are) memories and recreates what seems to be an event that happened to her daughter that made her unconscious and made him put her in at giant bubble in a room full of snow globes. There is still no reason as to what happened to her, why that room exists, or why she is so important and magical, but the story goes on assuming we’ve figured it all out. Inspector Deals begins to explain what happened there but stops right on her tracks, to switch her dialogue from explanation to 90s action hero dialogue, “he had a family, dammit!”

Snowfall-#3-1Anthony Farrow, who I believe is supposed to be the protagonist is not relatable, barely existing, except when the seeming plot needs him to say something vague that pretends to be insightful. I’m still not sure of what he wants, why he’s there, or why the little girl is talking to him. Towards the end it seems Dr. Reasons is angry at him for something important he himself caused in the last issue.

Art is consistent, but a problem is starting to sneak in to the issues, and that is the problem of monotony. When there is a story about everything being arid, always dry sun without rain or clouds, the coloring won’t have much to play around with and the pages will begin to blend together. The quality of the art hasn’t lowered at all, but the setting of the story, particularly of these last two issues isn’t giving much room for panels that will grab the reader.

This will be my last review of this title. While it barely had a grasp on me on the first two issues, it quickly let go of it by the second one, and this one being confirmation that I am no longer interested in this story. Snowfall #3 Is a confusing issue, not because of the actions taken in it, but because everything is left in the air, nothing is defined, and the conclusion doesn’t make one continue reading.

[su_box title="Score: 2/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Snowfall #3 Writer: Joe Harris Artist: Martin Morazzo Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/20/16 Format: Print/Digital