Review: Solar: Man of the Atom #3

Erica, now infused with her father’s powers, learns to deal with the enigmatic energy coursing through her body.  And she gets her own super suit.  One whole panel was dedicated to the Solar insignia covering tight against her boobs.  We, readers, must have needed some reminding that this was now a woman wielding the power of the atom.  I get it--I’m married.  My wife wields all the power. The wealthy Mr. Nuro looks to acquire Dr. Phil’s lab and all his work.  That means he will one day discover the way to create his own version of the Solar Power.  Erica, assisted by the ghost of Dr. Phil (like Firestorm in the 80s) confronts another one of those aliens that bears a resemblance to an old Jack Kirby metal monster.

Using a variable shield harmonics approach akin to what Geordi LaForge would have done on the Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise, Solar, Woman of the Atom dismantles the foe.  More aliens arrive to end her.

Solar03-Cov-Doe copy 2Since its first issue, Solar has been moderately entertaining, at best.  Sure, the gimmicks of Erica taking over the power and the need to understand science to make the Solar power work provide interesting angles, but the overall presentation feels tedious.

The squabbling between Erica and Dr. Phil generates witty banter, but there’s something missing from this book.  I feel that, partially, there’s no reason given yet to cheer or jeer Erica.  She has been going through the typical growing pains all heroes face: reluctance, insecurity, doubt, and ignorance.  Readers will need something to connect to Erica to empathize with her plight.

Otherwise, this book will be as forgettable as those Wizard of Oz comics where Dorothy and the female characters bop around in g-strings and pout over flying monkeys and other such thinly veiled racial epithets.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Frank Barbiere Artist: Joe Bennett Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/25/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital