Review: Sons of Anarchy #1

When I first heard that Boom was going to do a 6 issue min based off of Kurt Sutter’s Son of Anarchy show I was a bit excited. As any fan of the show could tell you it has a bevy of interesting characters and intricately woven story lines.  So once again in true Kevin (that’s me) fashion, I let my mind race out of control and ruin yet another book for myself. In Los Angles a young woman named Kendra has some dirt on a local crime boss, Mr. Griggs. As she goes to her boyfriend Brody for help he just blows her off. Scared for her life she flees and heads up North to Stockton to get some help from a family friend. As Tig mourns the loss of his child a few Sons wait for him outside of the cemetery. With a heavy heart Tig tells the boys that he wants to relax at a local dive bar. Against better judgment they boys agree. Soon Tig is putting his nose where it doesn’t belong and things go a bit south.

Meanwhile Brody has a meeting with Mr. Griggs and tells him that Kendra is on the “lamb”. Disappointed with that information, Mr. Griggs expresses to Brody how important it is that she is located.

SOA_01_preview_Page_1The boys wrap things up at the bar and head back home to the Teller-Morrow auto shop that acts as a front for the Sons’ club house. As soon as they pull up they are met by Kendra, who Tig is familiar with. She explains that she was told to come here if she was ever in trouble.

You know what would have made this book completely sick? Is if (permission allowed from Fox and Sutter of course) the comic told the story of the SAMCRO before the town of Charming. It would have been epic to see Piney and John coming home from Viet Nam to create the first chapter of the club, Redwood. That peek into the conception of the club and history around it is so rip with stories. Not to mention the sinister relationships that begin to evolve around John and the members of his club. But I do understand that the Sons’ name is associated with the show and that current cast and narrative, thus that’s what the audience knows and is familiar with and that’s the comic’s focus.

Regardless, the Sons of Anarchy comic isn’t bad by any means it just doesn’t work for me. But believe me I’m the expectation to the rule. Writer, Christopher Golden does a fine job in capturing the voice of the characters and together with Damian Couceiro art; the reader should have no trouble being immersed into the dangerous world of SAMCRO.  So if you’re a fan of the series then this book will do its job in bringing you more SAMCRO goodness. Or if you’re a little bit curious then be prepared to enjoy a very decent television adaptation.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Christopher Golden Artist: Damian Couceiro Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/11/13